Saturday, January 9, 2010

Clubbing Night

Hey yall :)

Believe it or not, I've never been to a club where I live xD well until now lol

Unfortunately I dont have pics of my full outfit--forgot to take a pic of it :(

I wore an American Apparel Jersey T Dress

picture courtesy of

and I wore a Forever 21 vest borrowed from my sister, which you can partially see in the picture

then i wore these lacy tights, which I have no idea whats the brand bc I borrowed these from my sister as well

....actually this whole outfit was stolen from my sister's closet =P The layered chain necklace is hers as well.

Sorry you cant see my makeup T_T . It's really basic, and what I've been wearing lately, even at work. It's just a neutral beige and brown with eyeliner and mascara.


  • Monistat Chafing Gel (used as primer)
  • Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation in Cameo #20
  • NARS Orgasm Blush


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (eye primer)
  • Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner in True Black
  • Maybelline XL Waterproof Mascara (the double ended one)
  • ULTA Eyeshadow in Bermuda Sand (inner corner and middle of eye)
  • Clinique Gift with Purchase eyeshadow in Like Mink (I used the medium dark shimmery brown on outer corner)

nothing used


I havent shown my face in a while so I thought to grab my most recent one, which is from January 2nd

I've been trying to blog more as yall can see xD

I shall see yall later :)


freshelle said...

hope you had fun at the club! & your skin looks flawless in the pictures :)

FuN and MakeUp said...

gorgeous! it looks like to me ur skin has been clearin up =) love the dress! i should check out that store someday

Askmewhats said...

I agree with Freshelle, your skin looks gorgeous :)

IchigoBunnie said...

thank yall <3

yes my skin's been clearing up pretty well! i hope i dont jinx myself there..haha

i havent had acne lately, but still i have tons of scars. the foundation im wearing really evens things out, but for the most part things are going uphill for my skin! im excited!!

alien man?! said...

looking good!! what have you been using to heal your skin?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love your outfit and FOTD! :) Your hair is so shiny.

Aradani said...

Oh ABB....It was also pretty sad how I wasn't content with my things once I knew I was going to show them to people. When I stopped posting I rediscovered how good drugstore stuff could be.

lol I've only been to a club twice, both disastrous in their own way. I have that American Apparel dress in forest green! and it was cheaper through Amazon than the actual store. Wish I could see a full pic of u in the dress. I'm sure your sister wouldn't mind u borrowing it again lol you were lookin pretty good

ChyiX2 said...

Looking really cute! A bit rock 'n' roll ;)

audrey said...

very gorgeous look and outfit^^

drey jewelry

vivien said...

I was googling for a review for shiseido perfect whip cleanser and I found your blog! I'm so glad I found it! finally a Houstonian blogger, (or at least someone that shops in Houston) :) I love your blog!

idk where you live exactly but there's a new 99 Ranch Supermarket off of I-10 and Blalock, like a block away from Memorial Mall that just opened a month ago that sells all the Shiseido Perfect ___ Products. I think the Perfect Whip is like $10.99 there. They also have a tonnn of other asian products! I didn't know if you knew or not so I just wanted to let you know! :)

vivien said...

Yep! I go to UH Main Campus too! But for the time being, I'm taking my most of my core classes online and at HCC. I live in Sugar Land so Main Campus is ridiculously far for me -_- haha.

I actually went for the first time around Houston to look for products yesterday and was super suprised that there were so many at 99Ranch! They we're sold out of a lott though :( I'm definitely going to check out that place on Wilcrest/Westheimer tomorrow! I'm still on a mission to find Shisem lashes here, I wish products we're a lot easier to find here D:

vivien said...

I KNOW! I hate I-45! There is a UH Sugar Land System campus but they all offer mostly education courses and what not, it's so annoying! I'm just trying to stay away from campus for as long as I can and only go back when I haveee to haha. I'm just too lazy to spend 2 hrs driving round trip only to spend like 3-4 hours on campus, and not to mention the parking at UH, it's such helll! What classes are you taking?

I know I know!! I'm so giddy as I'm typing this! hehe xD.

I will try to check out West Oaks mall when I can. I don't go there as much as I go to Galleria and FC Mall. Have you been to Komart? I haven't been able to check that out place out yet, I always go to H-Mart instead. I'm going to spend one of these days going into all the little stores on and around Bellaire and K-Town looking for products! Hopefully I can find a beauty gem in the middle of horrid Houston!

vivien said...

hehe it's all good :) I forgot to ask you in my last comment but where did you go clubbing? Roxy? How was your first time clubbing?

I think Komart is one exit before Blalock if you're coming from 610 and one exit past if you're coming from Beltway 8. I'll definitely be on the look out for "Amore". The little cosmetic store in H-Mart has Laneige on their sign but don't actually have products. Grrr.

Yeah, I personally hate FC Mall, it's small and the SAs there are always terrible! Maybe it's just me but everytime I need help at MAC or any other counter there, they're always terrible btches. The SAs at like Victoria's Secret and F21 at FC are all btches too! They always give me attitude when I ask them something so I'm just like fine, I won't buy from you then. haha. I do love the Sephora at FC though. I usually drive all the way to Memorial City Mall or Galleria to shop, I only go to FC Mall when I like HAVEEE to haha.

okay, I will stop now before I ramble more. xD

projectvee said...

cute dress! hope you had fun :)

vivien said...

Oh haha, I hate going to Roxy. Soooo many 15 year olds and such there, idk why my friends go almost every single week. haha

I still haven't gone and gotten the perfect whip yet! 99Ranch is soo out of the way for me sometimes.

It's on Westheimer and Post Oak, right across from the Galleria in the same plaza as Grand Luxe Cafe, Barnes & Noble, and Marshalls. It's right next to Marshall's where Halloween Express is usually. You should check it out, they have a lot of good stuff for cheap! They even selll shampoos, Neutrogena face washes, and etc.

vivien said...

seriously! ugh, it like really bothered me at first 'cause I haven't gotten one since like... middle school. e-haters are such old news! I tried to look at the girl who was hating's page but she had locked it, I was like "you got so much shit to say, why are you hiding behind a friend lock?" w/e.

I hate how the readers find so much to hate on too! It's like I can say that I think Megan Fox is ugly and they'd get all defensive on MY opinion. I'm just like, if you don't like it, then don't freaking read it! It's like people don't understand that blogs and stuff are the bloggers personal opinion and when they disagree with you, they take it all personal. Blah, people are so dumb sometimes!

UH is so out of order 80% of the time Their websites are down soo much, casa gave me so much trouble before!. So irritating -_-.

I actually think my friend has an internship at an energy company that she's looking for a second person for. I want to say that she said it was for Management. She actually might be in your GenB class! I think the company is going to be near Downtown/UH though, so it's kind of far from Katy :\ I can ask her if you want?

vivien said...

agh sorry for taking so long to respond! I totally forgot x_x.

I asked my friend about the internship and she said she gave it to one of her sorority sisters, sorry :(

We knew like NOTHING from Rascall Flatts haha. We just went bcause my friend got tickets. It was so cold and boring, I just wanted to eat the whole time. -_-. I actually really want to go see Justin Beiber on Sunday but the tickets are all sold out. sigh. Oh Taylor Swift, we wanted to get tickets but they freaking sold out in 5 minutes and now people are selling them for like $300 a ticket! I was like, you're crazyyy.

I've been too lazy to update lately and I have nothing to update about! haha. I might start going back to UH next fall, I'm still debating cause it's so far. sigh.

Have you gone to the rodeo yet?


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