Saturday, March 20, 2010


omg i havent been on here in forever @_@

  • I just got back from snowboarding in Keystone & Beaver Creek in Colorado with my cousins for spring break. I'm so sore and have a million + 1 bruises. I fell on my ribs really hard 2 times and my poor butt is bruised. I need a massage.

  • This semester is raping my butt. Stats is like impossible to go through. I understand everything...but I dont know what it is about the test, but its made for u to fail. And International Business History of Globalization is taking forever to do. Too much reading and study guides. It's ridiculous.

  • I don't have a card reader anymore on this desktop comp because I accidentally left it in the computer lab at school...bah . I need to buy a new one.

I haven't been feeling too happy lately. Too much crap going on in the real life. I feel unmotivated to blog because I've been so down. I'm sorry about it. I guess I didnt realize how difficult it is to keep up a blog. It was so easy last year when classes were blow off ones or ones you could study last minute and still get an A or B. Also I was happier during spring and summer 2009. Fall 09 and this Spring '10 is killing me.

I also physically feel more exhausted. I can barely keep awake on anything. This semester I feel unbelievably unmotivated on everything. The way I dress, how I study, hanging with people, the blog. I don't know. I was hoping this year would be better but it seems to be a continuation of bad luck.

I hope yall are doing well though. I still lurk other blogs and comment. Props to yall girls and guys who keep up with the blogs.

I will see yall later :)


Shop N' Chomp said...

Hey sweets, sorry to hear it's been rough. I hope your situation improves soon! Hang in there... :)

Edna said...

How fun of you to be able to goto the snow!

I feel you about this school year, and its completely kicking my ass now. Finals week just kicked in and I got sick and was under bed rest arrest :(

Askmewhats said...

you better keep it slow and take a rest sweetie :)

Cookie said...

Aww sorry to hear ur in the dumps but it will look up ^^ there
s always an ending to crap ^^

ning * star said...

i hope u feel better soon and everything get turns well <3

cheer up!

SUGABUM said...

Hang in there girly! You'll get through it. Luckily, college semesters have a beginning and an end. Look forward to the finish lineeeee. Hope things get better for youuuuuu.

Violet Honeybee said...

It's alrite I've been feeling the same way in my classes =/ and this is the semester I really need to be focused on.. *sigh*..

vivien said...

aww i'm sorry to hear :( I hope everything gets better! We should hang out and go shopping sometime! hehe, nothing like a nice girls day shopping and eating! :DD

haha you're viet? or were you jking about that? o_O haha. if you are, you definitely don't look viet!

I don't know if i'm going back to uh next semester. I want to but it's just that it's so far! I really miss going to classes and what not though :\. If I go back to UH, I will definitely let you know! Maybe we can get a few classes together :D I'm majoring in accounting but I'm trying to finish most of my pre-reqs. before I take all the business classes and stuff.

Oh yeah, my name is Vivien btw! I keep forgetting to ask you what yours is (and I feel weird cause we've been commenting forever now!) I just keep telling my friends "My blogger friend from Katy!!" hahah.

I really hope everything gets better for you hun<3

Anonymous said...

Hey Dear~ Yes it is sometimes hard to keep your blog going. Take a break when you need it! Its hard to be motivated sometimes =T But hey! To cheer you up I got an award for you, I'm sure you will like it =)


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