Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't Mind the Adjustments

Hey yall

I'm trying to redo the layouts of my blog but it isnt quite working :<

I tried putting a template on but it doesn't let me use widgets to put in everything. I'm really confused on what to do x.x

So please excuse my blog while it has random things put up

I'm trying to get everything back on track T__T


yay everything now is working! I just have to adjust the font and color later. And i dont know if yall remember that logo I made a long time ago and posted in a previous post probably last year. I designed it :D (hope nobody steals the design :< )

I'm so far behind in blogging its ridiculous. I still lurk and comment here and there, but just not as often as i used to.

hopefully this semester will be tons better. im really sick of all these bad events pounding on my poor self.

Hope yall are doing well. Let me know what's goin on right now and how's school and stuff :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Question bout Scholarships. Help!

Hey yall

I'm doing better than my previous post, so that's good. I'm not feeling my best but I'm not going nuts.

Right now, I really want to transfer out of state. I'm not too happy staying here. My university, though it has a VERY good educational program, it's just such a depressing environment. I commute every day to school and I barely meet any friends. I just want to get out of Texas and kinda do a "new start" while I'm still in school.

I'm an incoming Jr, so I have about 2.5 years left of college, so I think this is a relatively good and safe time to transfer .

I know most scholarships are for incoming Freshmans, but do any of yall know where I'm able to go to get the grants and scholarships, other than FAFSA?

Out of state tuition is flippin like.....$35k a year. I honestly don't think I can knock it down enough =/ Right now I'm paying only $1600 a semester (with scholarship) with my current school.

If I stay at an apartment for a year while schooling, will that waiver out of state tuition? Or do i HAVE to stay a year in that state for other reasons than school?

>___< Any advice and suggestions help. Thanks yall


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