Friday, August 13, 2010

Question bout Scholarships. Help!

Hey yall

I'm doing better than my previous post, so that's good. I'm not feeling my best but I'm not going nuts.

Right now, I really want to transfer out of state. I'm not too happy staying here. My university, though it has a VERY good educational program, it's just such a depressing environment. I commute every day to school and I barely meet any friends. I just want to get out of Texas and kinda do a "new start" while I'm still in school.

I'm an incoming Jr, so I have about 2.5 years left of college, so I think this is a relatively good and safe time to transfer .

I know most scholarships are for incoming Freshmans, but do any of yall know where I'm able to go to get the grants and scholarships, other than FAFSA?

Out of state tuition is flippin like.....$35k a year. I honestly don't think I can knock it down enough =/ Right now I'm paying only $1600 a semester (with scholarship) with my current school.

If I stay at an apartment for a year while schooling, will that waiver out of state tuition? Or do i HAVE to stay a year in that state for other reasons than school?

>___< Any advice and suggestions help. Thanks yall


Aradani said...

Hey, I've been through the transferring gig too. From my experience, the university will do anything in their power to make sure u pay out of state tuition. U need reasons other than school and need to have lived there before even attending that university. My parents owned a house in the state i moved to (and i live in that place too now) and the university still didn't grant me in-state tuition =[. I don't have any scholarships or fafsa either, so I'm no help with those. my only suggestion is student loans. i'm sorry. i hope someone else has better advice out there for you.
Best wishes

Shop N' Chomp said...

I don't remember the school process much but I do remember Pell grants which you may want to look into. Good luck! :)


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