Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Puny Skincare Haul

Hey yall :)

Went yesterday to 99 Ranch Market to pick myself up a face wash since I ran out of my Shiseido Pure Whip. They didn't have any of that left in stock, which saddens me, but I think my sister told me that either Golden Food Market or Welcome market should have it (Bellaire street of course)

I was wanting to try out a new face wash anyway since I've used up 3 tubes of the Shiseido. I felt like my skin was going to become immune to the effectiveness of Shiseido Pure Whip so I wanted to change things up. I spent SO long at 99 ranch market trying to figure out what to get.

I read all the ingredients and I noticed a good number of the face washes had Mineral Oil in it...which sucks because I don't feel mineral oil is good for my skin. I wanted to get the Hyaluronic Acid face wash form Hadabisei or whatever that Japanese brand is, but it had Sulfur, which all of you know I am allergic to.

Instead, I opted for Softymo Collagen Cleansing Wash.

I also was running out of eye makeup remover. I've been using the Target dupe for Neutrogena's eye makeup remover in the blue bottle. I heard many good things about Super Off Eye Make-Up Remover so I got it. But MANNNNNNNN $15 for that 4.0 fl oz tube is RIDICULOUS. I wonder if it's even a miracle worker.

I did try it out today tho. Seems to work well so far but I cant stand the price tag.

I'll report back to yall on these two products once I've used it a good while to judge how well it works.


See yall later :)

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miss D said...

Tell us how they are for you soon! =) Hope that they work super well ^^


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