Sunday, October 10, 2010

Question: Best At-Home Wax Kit? Epilator? What Do You Use? Help :(

Alright so we all have our ways to get rid of the unfortunate fuzzies :<
  • waxing
  • threading
  • epilator
  • plucking
  • shaving
  • cream hair removal (veet or nair etc)

Right now I'm waxing my legs and I can't keep going to the salon forever. Too much money, but I just hate shaving all the time =/ Is there a specific kit yall can recommend me from the drugstore? I've used Sally Hansen's lavender colored one(pictured below)...I didn't like it =/ . Is there any at-home waxing that's as good as the one in the salon?

I also heard a rumor that waxing over time:
  1. can thin out the hair so that you have less hair to remove or that it becomes less visible


  2. can cause wrinkles to your skin
Is this true? I'm sure the first one is true just because my friend had thick hair and after 1-2 years of waxing her hair grew thinner. I also visibly see my hair a TAD thinner than it was before. But I'm concerned about the 2nd one. Any word on it?

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I have a friend who uses the Epilator but it looks scary to me, but if it's really effective then I guess it's worth it. Do any of yall use one?

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One thing I've always been curious about is Veet. I've seen so many ads for the "bladeless hair removal". Girls, does it work?? xD And how long does it last? Does your hair need to be a certain length before you cream-remove it again ? I know for waxing your hair has to be 1cm long so the wax has something to grip onto. I want to try this so badly! Any warnings or tips yall can give me?

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I've read some Makeup Alley reviews, but I'd love to hear help from YOU :) Please do respond :< T___T

(oh, and I heard very bad ratings on MUA bout this Veet bladeless kit lol)

Thank yall! Hope to hear from yall soon :< cuz I have a coupon for Ulta for $5 off $10 purchase and I was hoping to know what to buy before the expiration date stops at Sunday October 23rd xD


Yuchin said...

I use an epilator and it's really convenient! It has the same effect as waxing in that the hair grows thinner over time, but it's a lot more convenient. The only con about using an epilator is that it drys out my legs a lot. I get really ashy legs after epilating, but as long as you use a lotion right after, it's fine.

I've also tried Veet before and I really didn't like it. Most of the cream hair removal methods smell really really bad, also, your skin might be irritated from the harsh chemicals. If I had to choose between Veet/Nair and shaving, I'd choose shaving. The hair grows back the same as shaving because it doesn't pull out the follicle like waxing and epilating does.

✿Ji✿ said...

I use an epilator (I like the Brown Silk-Épil one), but I have few hairs to begin with. It can be quite time consuming to get every little hair with an Epilator though!

I hated the cream remove thing, it stinks so bad! That stuff just can't be good for your skin, smells full of chemicals! AND it didn't work for me.

I've never used wax to remove my hair, mainly because I don't want to wait until my hairs are long enough to wax.

I would say invest into a really good epilator, saves you money and you don't have to wait for your hair to grow long enough to wax/cream remove!:)

IchigoBunnie said...

lol man I feel so sold on the epilator already xD

I'm thinking about getting this one:

There were many types of Braun Silk Epil so I wasn't sure which to get.

Thank yall both for the suggestions.

More suggestions are very welcome from everyone :D

divinexjanice said...

I use an epilator and to be honest ever since I got it, the need for it has declined significantly. =) I have the emjoi ligh caress and love it. It does take some getting used to, took me about 5 times maybe more but eventually, you dont feel the epilator at all. When I went to Vegas I forgot to epilate my leg and I felt so embarassed but my bf said he literally could not see any hair on my leg =x ANYWAYSSSSSS my point, epilator all the way! =) GL

If you can splurge Id go for the emjoi emagine (I wish I did)

Yuchin said...

I use a panasonic Wet/dry epilator. For me, the results last about a week. It should be the same as waxing because it essentially does the same thing, pull the hair follicle out. The hair doesn't need to be 1cm long. If you shave your legs and wait one day, that should be about the length that you can start epilating. If your hair is longer, it'll still work, but it hurts a little bit more.


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