Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's In IchigoBunnie's Purse?

Hey yall :)

I've never done one of these before and I always see bloggerettes showcase their bag, so here it goes! :D

and..really, it's nothing grand lol.

Top Shop (PS1 dupe bag) I didn't get this bag just for the sake of trying to have a high designer brand bag. I wanted the original design for the organization it provides and the leather is sturdy and it looks sophisticated/professional enough, but also pretty so it isn't desk-job-old lady ish. The strap is very convenient when I wanna go shopping and I need 2 hands to shuffle through the clearance section :D


Row 1= Fossil Wallet :: spare keys to mom's car :: spare keys to dad's car :: MY car keys lol
Row 2= iTouch :: beauty bag :: pen :: lotion


And this is what's inside my beauty bag.
~Freebee mini dove body spray (just in case i smell horrid after the gym or somethin lol)
~eye drops
~Korres lip balm
~prescription mosquito bite cream that I put into my empty clinique eye cream pot
~hair band
~Kose oil blot paper

Oh, and what i DIDN'T include are all the piles of trash and receipt that was making my purse its home. lol. :) My purse does NOT look that clean nor perfect. Just thought to spare yall's eyes :)

What's in yall's purse? :)


jewels said...

wow that's alot of keys!

IchigoBunnie said...


haha i knooo. i dig in my purse and cant find my keys cuz it's drowned by the other ones xD I probably should leave them home until i need to use them...


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