Sunday, November 28, 2010

Personal Epiphany

This isn't a beauty post. Just something I realized. My own quote I made from my thoughts, no one else's.


I thought I knew what patience was. I thought I knew what it was to sacrifice and give to friends, family, loved ones, but I now realize I'm wrong and never knew what it was til now. Waiting is an action. Anyone can just "wait". Wait in line to get a drink of water or what have you. Patience is not a physical action. It's a state of mind. A positive, peaceful, caring, and loving one at that.


I'm not religious but, please...someone pray for me. I've been in pain for little over a year now, and I just don't know when it'll end or when I'll finally get to have what I want, what I worked so hard for.

Thank you

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Houston Food: Jungle Cafe Blackforest Cake

Hey yall :)

I didn't buy this cake btw lol. A friend brought it and I had a chance to taste it.

Honestly it didn't live up to its hype! Those of yall who frequent Chinatown has heard of the Jungle Cafe for its really awesome desserts, particularly this Blackforest Cake.

The cake is light and spongey, so it doesn't feel heavy and it doesn't make you feel guilty for eating it lol (though I'm sure it's packed with calories! xD)

But honestly, I thought I was gonna be blown away by unique taste or whatever, but I wasn't. That's not to say this isn't a good cake--it is! I HATE traditional chocolate cake. It's just so thick and heavy and intense. If I were to eat chocolate cake, this definitely would take my attention. I do like it and will eat it again. I just don't crave it.

If yall are skeptical bout it, just buy their individual slice to try it out rather than the full cake. It's tasty enough to try :)

So I'll leave you here with pics of the cake. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of what it looks like from the inside! It's just a very light colored brown cake with some white frosting in between.



Yup, just wanted to share food this time :)

See yall later!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Houston Amore Store: My First Laneige Item! Laneige Pore Clear Cleansing Foam

Hey yall!

I have FINALLYYYYYYYY discovered an Amore store here in Houston! For those of you who live in or around Houston, TX, Take I-10 and exit Blalock Rd, across from Memorial City mall; the same exit you'd take to go to Super H Mart or 99 Ranch Market. Go down Blalock towards Super H Mart and you'll hit a traffic light and the plaza in front of you has this 24 Fitness gym. Go into that plaza because that's where the Amore store is! Enjoy!!! :)

I first went to Super H mart to get those sheet masks I mentioned before, and the lady there told me to go to the Amore store nearby. I flipped outtttttt. I was like...HOUSTON??? how is it possible we have such a thing lol

Needless to say, I went in asap another day when the owner of the store wasn't sick/ill anymore.

I ended up buying the the Pore Clear Cleansing Foam. I'll do a thorough review later, but I must say I'm loving this product so far! ;)


The lady who worked there was SO SWEET! She really tried her hardest though to sell me items as any saleswoman would lol, but she wasn't rude or mean about it. I came in with the intention to buy something anyway so I guess it didn't matter for me.

I came in wanting to buy the Laneige Multicleanser but changed my mind to this! She has testers for EVERY single item. The masks, the cleansers, emulsions, lotion/toner. I was in heaven lol. Honestly though, after trying on anything, you as a customer really would feel prettyyyyy bad not buying anything xD But after I bought this, I'm sure she remembers my face and maybe won't push next time now that I know the products...?

I DO need to come back to take a look at some ingredients though. She was very nice and gave me a generous amount of samples for the sunscreen from the Star White collection and Pore Clear emulsion.

The amount they give for each item is nice (cleanser, toner/lotion, and emulsion)!! I'd say it's worth the $20-22 price tag seeing as like MAC moisturizers and Clinique ones are the same price but sometimes give you less product.

Overall I'm gonna come back to this store and get my hands on more of these products to invest into my skincare because I wub my skin :) Though I hopeeee the lady will be generous again and give me samples of the product before I buy it. I told her many times of my allergies so maybe she'll understand (she didn't register into her mind that im allergic to sulfur so I had to tell her a number of times. It's ok though, I understand because her english isn't perfect)

Alrightee I shall get going to finish my assignment!

See yall later :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Camwhore Session!

Hey yall!

haha the title is so vain xD

I know yall rarely see my face posted lol and I feel that as a blogger, yall should know who your blogger is!! xD

Even though I run a beauty blog, to be honest, I DON'T wear makeup on a daily basis. In fact, I RARELY do a full face FOTD going out unless I have a lunch/dinner date with my best friend and stuff like that, so that's why yall don't see EOTD's or FOTD's from me. I'm sorry >_< I'm more concentrated about having nice skin and then makeup comes second. Unfortunately the right side of my face is breaking out but it's calming down now (you'll see in one of the pics below my zits on the side of my face lol) Anyway, that is not to say yall won't ever see FOTD's or EOTD's from me. Maybe I'll have a makeup phase and post more on that some day. I'm not sure yet ^^;; In the pictures below, I'm not wearing any makeup (hence the redness around my nose and cheeks and zits) other than L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black (will do a review on this later! look out for it!)






See yall later! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

E.L.F. Holiday Nail Polish Trio Review and Swatches

Hey yall :)

About a few weeks ago I stopped by a Target to buy something--I forgot what I bought lol, but I saw that Target added an ELF section! I used to go to Fiesta grocery (on Bellaire & Hwy6 I think) some odd years ago for ELF and then they discontinued it there, so I was happy to see their studio line at this location! I went to the Target in Memorial Mall but forgot to check so I don't know if they have ELF there. And I should check the Target in Sugarland too lol

Anyway, I saw this set for $3, which of course comes out to $1 per item, which is the price of all their items. I was on the fence about getting this because I didn't know the quality of it.



As you can see from the picture, it comes in a black box and plastic containing things to hold it. Basic. The bottle itself is sturdy, and is very similar to the recent ULTA nail polishes. I don't feel the bottle is cheap feeling--it's just standard. Hasn't broken on me *knocks on wood*

Oh, and I love the brush. It's wide and flat so that you don't have to keep going over spots. It evenly coats your nail.

The Formula:

Overall: Each one has a lot of glitter and it's GRAINY when dry.

When I first used the red color, it came out very smoothly on my nails, but after it dried, it came to a more matte ish dark red, vs the vibrant red you see when it's still wet. Some may like this, but I wasn't too much of a fan feeling my nails like that, so I put on a thick top coat of Seche Vite and then the vibrant red color that you see in the bottle came back :)

Gold Glitter:
Unfortunately I think someone had this package before me because when I opened up the gold glitter bottle, the top had dried up nail polish on it =/. Nevertheless I LOVE this one. So much glitter! You know how most glitter nail polishes you have to like...keep dipping until you can get enough glitter on the brush to get on your nails (or maybe it's just me!??!? lol)? This one you don't and you get a LOT of it. I like! Of course it dries GRAINY rather than smooth.

Clear with Glitter:
This one paints on a moderate amount of glitter--just nowhere near the amount of the gold glitter one. This is your basic glitter and the size of the glitter is medium. It's not fine glitter at all. Again, it dries grainy as you can see in the pictures.

The swatches do not have top coat on so I can show you how the nail polish looks in the raw. They look much better with top coat on lol. I use Seche Vite top coat, which is thick, and the thick top coat will be able to smooth out the graininess.






Well I hope this helps yall out :)

And I spy new subscribers!! WAAAA I'm so excited :3 138! I really never thought people would find my blog interesting lol. Opened it 2 years ago because a dear girl who is no longer blogging persuaded me to join in on this, and I'm glad I did. I really like putting up reviews to help everyone out. I for one search like a mad woman before I purchase something so I always need reviews, so I'm happy to give back :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

See yall later :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cambo Soup's Clinique and Silk Whitia Giveaway!

Hey yall :)

Stop by Cambo Soup's blog: click here!

She's hosting a giveaway and it's REALLY good! Clinique eyeshadow palette and a box of Silk Whitia along with various other sheet masks.

I'm a HUGE fan of sheet masks and would love to try more

I hope she doesn't mind, but here are the pictures that she posted on her blog for her prize:

all photos belong to Cambo Soup.

Goodluck to everyone!

see yall later :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Puny Haul #2

Hey yall :)

Stopped by Super H Mart and 99 Ranch Market off of I-10 and Blalock Rd. and picked up some things :)

The two single sheet masks are from Super H Mart and the mechanical pencil and My Beauty Diary Japanese Cherry Blossom sheet masks are from 99 Ranch Market


Pencil: $1.99
Single Sheet masks: $1/each = $2.16 total (including tax)
My Beauty Diary: $12.xx on sale from $15.xx

Total Damage: bout $18-19

I guess that's not too bad. Sorry, lol, I'm cheap xD $20 spending is still a bit to me. For some reason though, my perception changes when I'm shopping online.... =X



Gah, I'm trying to post again >_< I didn't forget yall!

Midterm madness is over and now it's time to just prepare for finals! Kudos to yall college students who are able to run a blog regularly and excel in school at the same time.

Lemme know how yall are doing :)

See yall later!


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