Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cambo Soup's Clinique and Silk Whitia Giveaway!

Hey yall :)

Stop by Cambo Soup's blog: click here!

She's hosting a giveaway and it's REALLY good! Clinique eyeshadow palette and a box of Silk Whitia along with various other sheet masks.

I'm a HUGE fan of sheet masks and would love to try more

I hope she doesn't mind, but here are the pictures that she posted on her blog for her prize:

all photos belong to Cambo Soup.

Goodluck to everyone!

see yall later :)


Kalmo said...

Hi hun! Thanks so much for blogging about my giveaway and entering it, it means a lot to me. :) Oh I looove Vietnamese coffee because of the condensed milk too haha, really sweet. ^^ If you like sweet drinks, Starbucks is doing a BOGO of their sweet holiday drinks starting tomorrow from 2pm to 5pm and I think it runs until November 22? Wah good luck in school again!

DeyiMizu said...

I want to try some of those masks too:)btw, i am your follower now



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