Monday, November 22, 2010

Houston Amore Store: My First Laneige Item! Laneige Pore Clear Cleansing Foam

Hey yall!

I have FINALLYYYYYYYY discovered an Amore store here in Houston! For those of you who live in or around Houston, TX, Take I-10 and exit Blalock Rd, across from Memorial City mall; the same exit you'd take to go to Super H Mart or 99 Ranch Market. Go down Blalock towards Super H Mart and you'll hit a traffic light and the plaza in front of you has this 24 Fitness gym. Go into that plaza because that's where the Amore store is! Enjoy!!! :)

I first went to Super H mart to get those sheet masks I mentioned before, and the lady there told me to go to the Amore store nearby. I flipped outtttttt. I was like...HOUSTON??? how is it possible we have such a thing lol

Needless to say, I went in asap another day when the owner of the store wasn't sick/ill anymore.

I ended up buying the the Pore Clear Cleansing Foam. I'll do a thorough review later, but I must say I'm loving this product so far! ;)


The lady who worked there was SO SWEET! She really tried her hardest though to sell me items as any saleswoman would lol, but she wasn't rude or mean about it. I came in with the intention to buy something anyway so I guess it didn't matter for me.

I came in wanting to buy the Laneige Multicleanser but changed my mind to this! She has testers for EVERY single item. The masks, the cleansers, emulsions, lotion/toner. I was in heaven lol. Honestly though, after trying on anything, you as a customer really would feel prettyyyyy bad not buying anything xD But after I bought this, I'm sure she remembers my face and maybe won't push next time now that I know the products...?

I DO need to come back to take a look at some ingredients though. She was very nice and gave me a generous amount of samples for the sunscreen from the Star White collection and Pore Clear emulsion.

The amount they give for each item is nice (cleanser, toner/lotion, and emulsion)!! I'd say it's worth the $20-22 price tag seeing as like MAC moisturizers and Clinique ones are the same price but sometimes give you less product.

Overall I'm gonna come back to this store and get my hands on more of these products to invest into my skincare because I wub my skin :) Though I hopeeee the lady will be generous again and give me samples of the product before I buy it. I told her many times of my allergies so maybe she'll understand (she didn't register into her mind that im allergic to sulfur so I had to tell her a number of times. It's ok though, I understand because her english isn't perfect)

Alrightee I shall get going to finish my assignment!

See yall later :)


DeyiMizu said...

cant wait for your review on this item!!

Kalmo said...

Yay, happy you found an Asian store in Texas haha. Oh I can't wait for your review. It's nice that the lady was friendly and gave you samples! Wah I feel nervous going into Asian brand stores because they're never nice to me, I think it's because I'm dark haha.

IchigoBunnie said...

Deyi: :D ty for the comment! hang tight, review will come ^__^

Kalmo:haha yes i feel like ive achieved some great feat discovering this store hahaha. This helps saves me from online shopping and shipping costs!

I understand what you mean feeling nervous because, I mean we gotta admit...specifically asian saleswomen are quite critical i think. When I went into Super H Mart and picked up a couple sheet masks to see what I wanted, I asked the saleslady what she recommended and she bluntly stated the obvious: "you have pimple RIGHT THERE.*snatches sheet masks from my hands* here this one more for your skin instead"

im like...uhh...thank you for helping me...I mean honestly Im sure she truly meant to help me but lots of asian saleswomen don't kno how to deliver the message in a more....kind way..?

Anonymous said...

oh cool, do you know the number for the store? and since its amore, does it sell innisfree?

IchigoBunnie said...


im sorry i dont know the exact address :( I just know its Blalock Rd near 99ranch and H-Mart :(

IchigoBunnie said...

o and yes it does sell innisfree :) unless they decided to discontinue? lol, but last i remember/visited they had everything. check out 99ranch too. i think their beauty store across the liquor store inside has innisfree


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