Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Houston Food: Jungle Cafe Blackforest Cake

Hey yall :)

I didn't buy this cake btw lol. A friend brought it and I had a chance to taste it.

Honestly it didn't live up to its hype! Those of yall who frequent Chinatown has heard of the Jungle Cafe for its really awesome desserts, particularly this Blackforest Cake.

The cake is light and spongey, so it doesn't feel heavy and it doesn't make you feel guilty for eating it lol (though I'm sure it's packed with calories! xD)

But honestly, I thought I was gonna be blown away by unique taste or whatever, but I wasn't. That's not to say this isn't a good cake--it is! I HATE traditional chocolate cake. It's just so thick and heavy and intense. If I were to eat chocolate cake, this definitely would take my attention. I do like it and will eat it again. I just don't crave it.

If yall are skeptical bout it, just buy their individual slice to try it out rather than the full cake. It's tasty enough to try :)

So I'll leave you here with pics of the cake. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of what it looks like from the inside! It's just a very light colored brown cake with some white frosting in between.



Yup, just wanted to share food this time :)

See yall later!

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Kalmo said...

The cake looks so pretty but sorry it didn't live up to the hype. I'm the opposite of you, I love sugary traditional cake and am not mature enough for lighter flavor Asian cakes haha.


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