Tuesday, December 7, 2010

20 Random Things About IchigoBunnie

Hey yall :)

Just popped in for a little bit. I have a final tomorrow!!! International Business Politics of Globalization and I have to memorize 11 pages in a word document worth of information. Gah

Well here's some entertainment for yall and to get to know yours truly better lol ;)

Random things about me!

1) I do not like tomatoes. Yes that includes ketchup people. Sorry lol. I don't like spaghetti or lasagna, however I love pizza which includes of course tomato sauce.

2) I love plucking. I want to pluck your eyebrows and anything you allow me to. There's something satisfying about pulling it out lol (I'm not creepy I swear! T__T )

3) I'm 100% Vietnamese. I have been mistakened for Chinese and Korean the most, probably because my skin is VERY light and because of my eye shape.

4) Having said that I am Vietnamese, another shameful thing I must confess is that I don't like nuoc mam, aka Fish Sauce. For those of you that don't know, Fish Sauce is basically the equivalent level of ketchup here in America. Not using this condiment is unheard of and I have been questioned SO many times from parent's friends and waiters/waitresses why I refuse to dip my food in it. Sorry. I just don't like the scent nor the taste :( I'm so not Viet T___T

5) I have SO many lipglosses but I never use them! I love how they look and love that they can be moisturizing and all, but I ALWAYS forget to put it on OR I forget to reapply =/ I have like over 10 lipglosses and/or lipsticks..I swear...I really need to use them =/

6) I absolutely LOVE photography. I just don't have a DSLR unfortunately. My friend was selling his Canon T1i to get the 7D but no...I couldn't afford it :( Such a beautiful camera, though I'm sure I'd have to shell out some more for a good lens. Someday I hope to own a DSLR! (and now how to edit in Adobe Photoshop too) I am that annoying friend who has to stop and take a picture of everything while you have to wait for me, or, feel humiliated standing next to me as I take a picture of something you wouldn't even give a second thought of lol

7) One of my all time favorite Vietnamese dishes is Dam Gam. It's similar to Bun Thang but without the noodles. It has chicken broth, or pork broth, whichever you choose to make, rice, and then pile up on scrambled egg slices, viet ham (gio) slices, and some other meat. It's SO good.

8) Speaking of food, I LOVE Banh Mi Thap Cam (combination viet sammich) and Banh Mi Thit Nuong (BBQ Pork viet sammich)

9) I am very OCD with how I put up the cups in the cupboard from the dishwasher. They must all "fit". If the cup has a handle, then I must turn it all the same direction so they fit rather than put a handled cup there and then a glass cup next. I MUST coordinate them or else it'll bug me :(

10) I worry. WAY. TOO. MUCH. to the point where it is quite harmful to my mental health.

11) I love to game but I just SUCK at it. So horribly. This includes Halo, Company of Heroes, Age of Empires II, you know, those games similar to World of Warcraft and StarCraft. They are so much fun but I'm so horrible with strategy! I just can't keep up =/ I don't play them anymore because I feel too discouraged =/ I mean I still play Halo every now and then though since FPS is much easier to deal with than RTS

12) I love milk. I drink 1% or 2% only.

13) I dont' wear jewelry. I'm just so lazy and forgetful of it. I have a lot of accessories to wear but I just dash out the door to school and forget. I love necklaces but I also feel they're bothersome because when I bend down they like hit my face -___- and bracelets...they get in the way when I'm trying to write =/ The one thing I do wear on a daily basis is my James Avery limited edition butterfly earrings which are from 1999--when I was 9! That was 11 years ago o___o

14) I have road rage. Houston drivers are so effin dumb, it's difficult to not beep someone who decides to switch to your lane straight into your door when you're already in that lane. Or they decide to just stop at a yellow light. Or they go 30 mph when you're supposed to go 50mph. The worst is Chinatown where people think it's completely okay to pile 6-7 cars in a median and squish through an inch, nearly breaking off your mirrors, or they drive straight into you and stop right there and you wonder where to move now.

15) I am overly analytical when purchasing items. I go as far as calculating cost per unit if I'm at the grocery store (if they don't provide the unit cost) or at the mall if things are sold in a pack. I'm obsessed with saving money. Sometimes it's annoying to other people but I think hey, I'm saving money and getting a good product. I'm being money smart! If I shop online, I look at MANY different sites for the same item, and compare shipping cost and return policies just to make sure.

16) I do NOT like 3D movies. They make me dizzy and no, I don't want things flying at me during the movie distracting me from the wonderful movie itself. I also did not see much 3D effect in Avatar. Is it just me?? I mean the most I saw were the trees flowing over me lol. Really, I find it a waste of money when movie tickets are already expensive as is.

17) I'm not very fond of touch screens. I do have an iTouch and I think it's okay for basic stuff, but if I want to text/write something, I find it so troublesome. I'd rather have an actual button to push so that I don't press the wrong thing.

18) I LOVE traveling and have been VERY fortunate to have visited:
  • In the US: NYC (twice), Boston (twice), Maine, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Florida, Nevada (Las Vegas), Colorado, Arizona (just for the Hoover Dam for a couple hours)
  • Outside US: Canada (Niagara Falls and Toronto), Mexico (Cancun), London, Paris, Venice & Florence in Italy, Germany, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Austria, Burn in Switzerland, and Vietnam
19) I wear glasses and my vision is -5.75

20) I just got my haircut a bit too....short. The bangs anyway :( I'm hoping for them to grow out soon so it doesn't look so wonky.

See yall later! Wish me luck on my final

PS: My Rock & Republics are estimated to arrive tomorrow! Originally it said Dec 13 but they're pretty quick! I guess they gave me that longer estimate for "just in case" situations that may occur, but I'm excited to get them!


Kalmo said...

Wah good luck on your final, sounds killer!

LOL at the fish sauce, I love it on most things being Cambodian but yeah I can't understand the smell part being off putting.

I'm the same about lipglosses, have a ton but need to use them up.

I love milk but can't drink it b/c of prescription right now. :( I love gaming too, mostly RPGs though. ^^

It's good to evaluate things you buy, smart to get what you want and save. You traveled to so many cool places, you should post travel pics. :D Sorry about the haircut though, I can't when that happens.

vivien said...

good lucks on your final tomorrow girl! :) I'm sure you'll do greattt! <3

Edna said...

:) Good luck with your final!

I am 100% behind you on #5,9, and 10!

IchigoBunnie said...

thank all of yall girls for the support :)

Ammy said...

Good luck on your final! I just got my R&R blushes yesterday afternoon. It was a super fast order! I'm sure you'll love your R&R loot.

I'm glad you're a gamer too, but I totally suck with FPS games! Hate 'em!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love these kinds of posts! Always a nice way to get to know someone. :) I use lipgloss but it takes me forever to finish one b/c I keep on buying them! :(

Angie said...

hahaha i'm the same way with photographs :) please don't be worried about staring. people stare at me all the time when i take photos and it actually feels glamourous after a while. it took me probably 1.5 years to get used to it and not be so concerned but now i just ignore them and have fun with my shoots :D

<3 angie

Anonymous said...

Oops! I didn't double check the price haha, I think I was thinking about my recent Dior purchase >< Sephora website says the Fresh Soy Cleanser is for $38. Sorry for my mistake!

Penelope said...

Thanks for the great post, was nice learning more about you. wow, i didn't know you were 100% Vietnamese!

I worry too much too! Sometime I can't get to sleep from too much worrying!

Aradani said...

Not like tomatoes?!?!?! gasp! lol I love tomatoes. I'm an analytical shopper too. I'm also the same with lip products. Hope your final went well!


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