Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Forever21 and Sally Beauty Haul

Hey yall!

YAYY finals are OVERRRR!!! whooooot!! :D

Just wanted to share with yall what I purchased this week.

Honestly I've been pretty bad this year in terms of how much I'm spending. I usually am a very cheap person. cheap you'd be severely annoyed to shop with me xD but lately I've just gotten a bad habit of spending. (yes i DO have a job so I don't go ask my parents to get these things for me unless my mom insists on the purchase).

I think the purchasing craze happened when I made my purchase to TopShop some months ago for my purse and skirt for my birthday and I spent a lot since it was my birthday and I felt I should splurge since people who know me definitely know I neverrrr come out of the mall with a bag lol.

I think I should slow down next year on the purchases and save up more. I have a good amount in savings, however I still want it to stack up more. I'm a money-saving freak. And hey, even though I haven't graduated college yet and am still living with my parents (because they won't let me move out...) I think the saved money could come in handy one day for an emergency in case, such as paying for an apartment elsewhere after graduation, or even emergency money to pay bills if I don't have a job right away after college.

Anyway onward to the haul!

I bought these on two separate days but decided to put them in one post since there aren't that many photos.

Forever 21:
  • black leggings $4.50
  • white knee high socks $2.50
Total Damage: $7.00 + tax

Sally Beauty:
  • Thin brush nail polish $2.99 each (bought 4)
  • Millennia Mud Intensive Hair Reconstructure (as recommended in FrmHeadToToe's blog. I got this because she thought this was a very good hair mask and I wanted to try it out) $6.50
Total Damage: $18.46 + tax

Forever 21:

I tried justifying my purchase... like for the black leggings, I just need one for the rest of my life unless I rip these or grow out of them or if they wear out completely, so I thought it was a good investment. The socks were the "splurge" because despite the cheap $2.50 price tag, I really didn't need it lol. Sure I can use it forever but it's really for extra fashion purposes.

Sally Beauty:

I've been into painting my nails lately (and keep forgetting to take pics of my nails! I do have some I did take a pic of that I still need to put up!) and so I want to make cool designs but having to use a toothpick or whatever is so tedious lol. So I opted to get these instead. Originally they're like $3.99 or $4.99 so having it on sale for $2.99 is fine for me since I know I won't be purchasing these multiple times. I'm sure these bottles will last me years lol. Then as I mentioned earlier, the hair mask is what Jen FrmHeadToToe recommended in her Naughty and Nice Video and I wanted to try it out. So far it's okay. It hasnt made my hair super duper soft which was what I was hoping for. I'll try it several times more to form my verdict. Maybe I'm just not putting enough of it in my hair? I don't know if I'm using it wrong..? O.o...



This is just a close up of the details of the sock. It has like little holes for design

I also bought some Sperry loafers/boat shoes today. They're gorgeous (even though they were the display ones...mehh). I'll post those later :)

Let me know how yall are doing! What are yall's plans for this winter break? Vacation? Tons of parties? Bumming around? <~ haha yea thats what I'll be doing xD

See yall later :)


Aradani said...

bumming around for me. lol that and trying to find a part time job so I can be a good saver like you.
I don't think you did that much damage. I think what's important is to not be an impulsive/emotional shopper.

Jen said...

Hey babe! For the hair mask, use it just like in the directions. After shampooing, towel dry your hair and put the mask in your hair liberally from root to tip. I comb through with my fingers so it really gets every strand saturated. Then, I put all of my hair in a shower cap and do the rest of my washing. After 5 or 10 minutes I rinse my hair out. :) Try that and see if it helps! I tried using it like a regular conditioner and it really doesn't do it justice at all, it just doesn't work that way! Hope that helps!

IchigoBunnie said...


oo goodluck in your job hunt :) retail clothing stores always look for seasonals so you're able to start off there :) personally i don't like doing retail but if you can do it, they always need more people in the store. (just dont' work for New York & Company. my friend works there and its really bad!!)


thank you for the advice! i actually towel dried my hair and put it on, but i was done with my shower. i wasnt standing in the shower with the shower cap on--soaked it all after the shower. i think ill try it your way and stay in the shower with a shower cap on. maybe the steam helps penetrate the hair mask into my hair better.

Kalmo said...

Nice haul! Wah the hair mask sounds nice, I should get it after I finish my hair product stash.

Wah it's good to be cheap and save money. I'm trying really really hard to save better now. Ugh, I worked two parts through out college and wasted so much money on eating out, so regretful of money wasted from hard work. XD Anyways, I want to save more like you. ^^


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