Friday, December 3, 2010

How to get Rock and Republic Blushes for $8 each!

Hey yall :)

Extra Petite showed a GREAT way to knock down the price of those blushes. You can also buy their eyeshadows too if you want--any cosmetic really. Unfortunately though the main Rock and Republic website doesn't carry all colours of the blushes (like the one I wanted in color Kinky!)

However I still think this is quite a steal!!!

CLICK HERE to go to her page. I don't want to take credit for her idea so I'd rather yall go to her blog :)

I ordered:

  • Tease (lavender coloured)
  • Affair (shimmery nude. I need an everyday eyeshadow!)
  • Electric (shimmery sapphire blue. My favourite colour is blue ^_^)

I rarely buy makeup. Only the essentials--but gosh I couldn't pass this up! My total came out to be $23.99 for all 3 of those!!! I'm excited. This package is estimated to arrive at my doorstep on December 13, so if yall want to do some shopping and have the stuff come in before and just in time for Christmas, snag these now :)

**NOTE** just to let yall know, when yall add everything up in the shopping back, once you reach the $75 limit you'll see the $25 get whacked off from the total. And do not worry--I know yall are looking where to put in the promotion code, and you cannot do that until you click check out, write in your billing info etc, so you can add the extra 50% off at the last step before submitting your order :)

Enjoy and See yall later!!

PS: please let me know when Hautelook has the colour Kinky up. I really want it T____T


PetiteAsianGirl said...

IchigoBunnie - I'm so glad you found it useful! I didn't look at the eyeshadows this time around but the colors you picked look pretty. They have so many more colors available in shadows than blushes! Wish I could credit where I originally saw this little trick, but Jen retweeted it many weeks ago when there were no colors in stock.

I love "kinky" too ... will let you know if I see it on other sample sites.

IchigoBunnie said...

petite: ah thank you (bout the color Kinky)!! and many eyeshadows!!! it was hard to choose among them because i didnt want to spend too too much lol. i just picked whichever i thought would look best on me and also colors i'd use often rather than leave it to collect dust.

Kalmo said...

Thanks for letting us know about this great discount. You got a great deal on those eyeshadows. Agree that R&R is super fast in shipping.

Anonymous said...

looking forward seeing those blushes on you!

Vanessa said...

Miss your blog girl, (I am barely getting back into it from a long hiatus) and wanted to say hi to some old friends, hope all is well with you!


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