Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Christmas =D

Hey yall :)

Sorry I disappeared for a while >.<>

I spent my xmas with one of my best friends and went to Chinatown.

Went to Juicebox on Bellaire and just stopped around and hung out, chatted, etc :)

Here's me on Christmas Eve. I didn't think it felt Christmas-y enough this year so I put on my santa hat in hopes it would make things more Christmas-y :<

o btw I'm just looking at my computer screen in these photos trying to make it appear like...a natural photo taken of me even though I took it myself xD haha



Then here's some Juicebox pics :)



Oh I almost forgot! I stopped by Chez Beignets as well. I paid in all coins because they only accept cash and I had nothing xD Had to go to my car to get some coins lol and I still turned up 2 cents short T__T, but the cashier was ok... lol I got to have my fluffy pillow of goodness :D


Yup, that's pretty much it lol xD I do have more posts (food ones lol) coming along the way since afterall, we eat tons of food during the holidays =P

Hope yall had a wonderful holiday, whichever yall celebrate :) (I'm not Christian but I still do Christmas xD I'm actually Buddhist but my family and I don't do much other than go to the temple like once or twice the year)

Lemme know how yall's holiday went!!

See yall later :)


Anonymous said...

Haha!! I read you uber long comment, you're so funny! XD Seriously, I went back to some of your older posts and read some of them. Though we have our differences in some things I also found that we have quite a few things in common I can relate to you A LOT in your posts haha. Why didn't I follow you sooner?! ;P
I don't wear "flashy" things either because of the whole self-conscious thing haha!! It sucks though because there's a lot of pretty things I see that I want to wear.. but I know if I wear it, I'll stick out like a sore thumb =X Now if I lived in New York maybe I would be able to brave the nice style since I'd fit in sigh. I think I will dress nicely when I'm older and I have my own car (safety!!) transit is scary sometimes hahaha! Cool, another person who loves history! =D Man why do you have to live so far away? LOL.

I like your Santa hat! I should get one so I can be more festive during the Holidays haha.. but then again I think I would stop myself because I think it'd be a waste of money for now (student and all with no job *cries*) Happy Belated Christmas!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh! And p.s. your long comment actually went through! LOL! I hate when blogger lies to us :P


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