Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sperrys Top Sider Shoes :D

Hey yall!

Met up with fellow Houstonian blogger Vivien (click here for her blog!) and we went shopping at the Galleria

She's definitely a sweet and funny girl. Visit her blog :)

We first stopped at DSW, but alas neither of us could find the shoes that we wanted =/

Next stop is the Galleria and I finally got my hands on the Sperry Top Sider shoes. I've been lemming these for quite a while!! I've always been iffy on getting these boat shoes because I didn't want my feet to look like a man lol. So when I found these, I fell in love with them. I found every excuse possible to get them (Vivien can attest to this lol). This pair is much more girly looking than the other women's Sperry's shoes I've seen, so I had to snag it.

Unfortunately, only the display was left in my size =/. I tried both the dead-end-of-the-mall Macy's as well as the new Macy's that took over Foley's long time ago in level 4 of the Galleria. BOTH only had displays left! How ridiculous. I had to get them though =/. I did get a 10% discount though for it being a display so that's good--though I think I should have gotten more because who knows how many feet have tried these!!! ew.

The saleswoman Vivien and I had at the dead end mall Macy was SO sweet. Best customer service I've ever had. She never was pushy, mean, or any of that. She was very attentive without being hovering and she was always there to get the shoes you need. I felt so bad after having her take out so many shoes to try on and not leaving with any :( She said a new pair is still in stock in the newer Macy's so that's why I left this Macy's. I felt so guilty! The lady who "helped" me at the new Macy's was actually rude. SHE ROLLED HER EYES AT ME when I showed her the receipt of inventory printed out from the other Macy's, showing that there STILL is a new pair in the back. Are you fucking serious? Rolling your eyes at a customer when I wasn't even rude to her??? I really wanted to write down like a customer survey, get her name, and tell her manager how rude that was! She was short and choppy with me, and I didn't like that AT ALL. The other lady at the old Macy's was a perfect 10 in customer service. People need to learn from that woman. She knows what she's doing.

Okay onward to the more fun part! PICTURES :D











wheeeee I'm so happy with them. My feet now won't hurt anymore! haha

They were $75, but because they were displays they marked off 10% and I had a $20 Macy's gift card from like years ago from Christmas so I used that and my total came out to be $53.xx :)

BTW for those of yall who are planning to buy Sperry's, the saleswoman told me that the suede interior you see here will be discontinued...something like that? And will be replaced with a fuzzy interior, similar to UGG boots, cept I'm sure not AS fuzzy, but you get the point. If you don't want that type of interior then I suggest you buy these now before the new year starts off with the newer versions. If you want the fuzzies then wait for next year :D I don't know how true this is--the saleswoman simply could have been misinformed or misinterpreted just one type of style having the fuzzy interior rather than all. If anyone knows about this, please do confirm or correct me :)

See yall later!!


Fruity Lashes said...

aww the shoes look really comfy and cute! love them

Aradani said...

lol thanks for the awesome comments! yay to no more finals! I hate rude salesppl especially in nice department stores.
Aaaaacckk I've been lemming sperry's since summer! I love the pair you got. I don't mind display shoes if I really like the pair and they do offer a discount. You've reignited my desire for them! hahaha I had curbed it by getting minnetonka mocs, but mmmm... sperryyy..

IchigoBunnie said...

Fruit Lashes:

omggg they really are as comfy as they look! :D


haha. im sorry i resurrected your lemming for sperrys!! xD lol. they're just soooooo.........exactly waht Fruity lashes said: cute and comfy!! lol they just go with like 75% of things. i think the only thing i cant wear this with is a nice non-jean skirt or with dresses. but the shirt and jean combo with this is great. definitely easy on a college student! (tho not on our wallet xD haha)

Kalmo said...

Aw love your Sperrys Top Sider Shoes, very nautical and preppy. Love the suede and neutral color as well.

:( I hate bad sales people. Rolling her eyes? Very rude.

Yay for blogger meetings!

Sharnie Hung said...

I love them! I want a pair just like it! But I need to stop spending on shoes. Or anything... Lol.

I don't like the pushy salesladies. Coz I normally just want to browse on my own. And rude salespeople... You really get them everywhere. >0<

angela said...

glad u like the dress :) I cant remember the seller's name since I changed my account but if you just type in 'navy ruffle dress' on ebay you are able to find it :)
the material is very light so practical for summer and the dress is very similar to what you see ( in my experience) I also have experiencing misses in buying wholesale clothing but this one really amazed me :)

I love the shoess they are sooo cute, cant seem to find them anywhere around..



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