Friday, December 31, 2010

What Is The Best Chapstick?

Hey yall :)

I am in search for the most awesome chapstick haha

I have tried a couple of chapsticks, and I really never liked any! haha

Anddddd buying a chapstick that's expensive like the Dior one or La Mer one is totallyyyy out of the question xD

Well, I DO use my Korres Lip Balm and I love it to pieces, but it's in a POT, and I really was looking more for a STICK where it won't be inconvenient to apply when I'm out and I don't have some napkin to wipe my fingers on after application. Korres Lip Balm is REALLY nice though. Definitely moisturizes my lips without getting waxy on me like most chapsticks.

One chapstick I've been eying and hearing good things about is the Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Moisture:

( o btw all photo credits are courtesy of! )

What do yall think?

I have already tried Burt's Bees and I found it WAY too WAXY and somehow made my chapped lips even more chapped!!! xD

As for the regular Chapstick brand, I feel like it makes my lips addicted to it, making me use more and more to maintain my lips versus repairing my lips and just using it whenever I need to.

Alright if the chapstick is super duper promising with each and every application, I think I can shell out like $10 ish, but I really would prefer drugstore brand!

I guess let me list out some I'm aware of that's in the market and yall can say yay/nay to them or suggest me some yourselves :) Please do help me out! xD haha (and it'll help anonymous readers too ^.^ )

O and btw, I really do not want to buy the EOS lipbalm because it's so round and I just want something small to slip into my purse lol

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm

Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner

Softlips Lip Protectant

Yes to Carrots Conditioning Lip Butter with SPF 15

Alba Hawaiian Lip Balm

Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm

Alright, I'm putting in the high priced lip balms here just in case! haha . Chapsticks last quite a long while and if I use it regularly and it keeps my lips happy then I *think* I can shell out money for an essential item.

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Fresh Lip Treatment SPF 15 $22.50

Dior Addict Lip Glow $28 OUCH :(

Smashbox Lip Treatment SPF15 $16 (reasonably priced for a high end)

Mk I think that's what I have gathered so far as the chapsticks and lip balms I have come across and am curious about! Yes, I have read makeupalley reviews but I still want to hear more before purchasing (especially if it's high end!) I remember NaTGN reviewed TONS of lip balms HERE.

The ones from her list that I am very tempted to get is either the Aquafina, Nivea that I listed above, or the Fresh lipbalm.

Gah, I'm so tempted! I think maybe as a college student, I should save and get the Aquafina. What do yall think?

See yall later :)


Shop N' Chomp said...

Have you tried Aquaphor? It's not quite in stick form but it does come in a small tube. It's my HG! Plus, it's not pricey. =D

alien man?! said...

I was going to suggest Aquaphor, too. It's the only lip balm that really seems to help me. That and Smith's Rosebud Salve (I got the one in the tube) but Aquaphor still seems to work better.

I've been fixated on finding a good lip balm, too. Like you, I feel like Burt's Bees is just too waxy and feels like a crayon on my lips. I do like those Berry Smoothie Blistex ones but they only offer short-term relief.

I spent like $10 on Blistex Deep Renewal and the Neosporin Daily Hydration Therapy and they didn't help at all.

Oh and I also like putting honey on my lips.

littlestkitty said...

I love the Nivea lip balm! It glides on so smoothly and it has a light, almond-y scent that is similar to that one milky looking jelly. The Aveeno one is also awesome, but for some reason it's never in any drugstores near me, I received it in a gift set once and now I can't find it xD
The Alba one is terrible. I have it and it leaves a white residue on your lips.

unee cakes said...

best chapstick out of that list would be from fresh! sugar lipbalm, AWESOME!

EOS is good too.. carmex is classic.

mayaari said...

I've been using softlips for over a decade, but I've recently fallen in love with the Nivea balms! They glide on effortlessly and don't feel dry or waxy, and moisturize well. Also, whenever I notice that my lips are getting dry/look chapped, I use a LUSH sugar scrub on my lips to exfoliate.

Anonymous said...

Oooh lots of lipbalms you showed that I've never tried. I think the reason I haven't tried much is because drugstore lipbalms are 'boring' to try for me but are essential at the same time haha. Ech, skip Dior if you want moisture for your lips. It does nothing except maybe look pretty on your vanity. And at the same time you're going to have to hope that the chemistry colour between the balm and your lips are just to your liking (which it wasn't in my case -___-'

Toni Tralala said...

Try the EOS lipbalms! :)

ChyiX2 said...

I really like the Labello Hydro care lip balm but I've heard it's Europe, Canada and in some asian countries only...

You could email me your addie and I'll send you one I'm at chyichyi @ gmail . com


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