Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Lemmings

Gah, shopping is quite addicting!

You KNOW that the item is a permanent item so it won't be discontinued or whatever, but you just HAVE to HAVE IT xD lol.

I have spent way more this year than I would have liked. I am starting to get back to saving though after a "few" purchases this summer. So far I see things that I want, but I'm holding myself off til much later, maybe christmas, because I know it won't be gone.

My goal? save at least $1000 by the end of this year, preferably $2000. My spending needs to go on a diet.

So what have I been lemming?

  • Bootcut jeans from Citizens of Humanity, 7jeans, and Hudson jeans
    --I specifically want Bootcut because although skinny jeans are flattering, I have too many of them and am getting tired of it xD Bootcut jeans are timeless, totally classic, and I feel it's a good investment to have and always flattering to any body shape. Too bad these are like $150-200+ a pop, which is why I will wait a while to get one and hopefully there would be sales in store, or places like Nordstrom Rack.
[citizens of humanity] image: google

[7 for all mankind] image: google

[Hudson jeans] image: google

  • Coffret D'Or, Lunasol, KATE, Lavshuca, Integrate, CastleDew, Aube, etc
    --Asian makeup is such good quality. And of course I like that it's catered towards my skintone. I've become obsessed with milk-tea/beige colored lipsticks lately. I want a simple color that will complete the look but doesn't look boring, but is sophisticated and professional at the same time. I also like that it looks classic. Can't go wrong with that color. I also want other lipcolors too T.T but alas, these asian lipcolors cost like $15-25, definitely a bite out of your pocket. I also RARELY wear lipcolors, but I'm hoping with these non-sticky lipsticks and wearable colors, that I'd pick up on wearing them more often. I'm also wanting eyeshadow palettes. Packaging is amazing!
[image from Coffret D'Or's website]

[image from Lunasol's website]

  • Infinite supply of cute and sexy bras and panties
    -- I don't think a girl can have too many bras... lol. I'm a HUGE fan of Gilly Hicks bras. Great quality and all their bras are always 2 for $40. Can't beat that! Their quality is better than Victoria's Secret in my opinion. VS does have a wider selection of prints for their bras whereas Gilly Hicks has more basic stuff, though they still have a nice selection of floral prints and stripes and fun colors. I love Gilly Hick's undies too, the silky ones. So comfy and 5 for $25 is the same as VS but GH's cotton undies are better quality and softer, and better built for your body curves. I want so many different kinds xD

  • NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base
    --Fuzkittie loves this and I want to try it out. I've been using my UDPP for a while now and although it's pretty good, it doesn't hold up my eyeshadows 100%. I'm just waiting til I finish my UDPP giant tube, which will take a long time :(
[image from Sephora.com]

  • Benefit Bronzer in Hoola (or NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer)
    --I want to contour my face, or at least the sides so my face looks a bit slimmer lol. I have heard that NYC bronzer is like $2-3 and works quite well. It's matte and what not, but I haven't tried it myself. I might get that inside of this Hoola one despite that people are raving bout this
[image from sephora]

[image taken from google]

What are yall lemming? :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BoA inspired nails

Hey yall

I came across a Soompier/blogger who did these nails inspired by BoA, and I did my own random whirl on it:

original pic:

that girl's blogspot and stuff is on her watermark (hope she doesnt mind me using her image xD )

And this is my really really super random version. I liked the gray and black thing going on:



My hands weren't steady enough for the lines xD but it's okay. It was my first time using the thin art nail liner stuff.

I used:
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in 270 Steel Gray (purply gray)
  • CoverGirl Boundless Color in 405 Disco Dazzle (silver sparkles)
  • It's So Easy Stripe Rite thin nail polish in Black (found at Sally Beauty stores)
  • ULTA Nail Laquer in After Party (the puplish glitter)
  • Seche Vite Top Coat
  • Orly Bonder base coat

Monday, July 11, 2011

Product Review: Naruko Total Defense Make-Up Removing Mousse

Back with another review :)

Description: Narcissus Total Defense Make-up Removing Mousse. This oil-based make-up remover transforms into foaming mousse instantly upon one pump. The rich foam rapidly dissolves dirt and make-up and deep cleans the pores. It contains narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex that revitalizes the skin. The residue-free formula leaves the skin soft, smooth, and clarified.

Alright let me go through that description and review each of what it claims:
  • Foams upon one pump: Yes.
  • Dissolves dirt and makeup: Yes. I use this only for my face when I use foundation. I did not test this on eye makeup because I use a separate makeup remover for that. I have not tested it on liquid foundation or BB cream. I've only used it on powder foundation, but I will update this once I test it out on the other liquid foundation/BB cream
  • Deep Cleans Pores: No. My pores don't look worse nor better. It does not have an effect, but I think it just maintains my current pores and cleans off the makeup
  • Revitalizes Skin: My skin does feel refreshed after mainly because the makeup is off, not necessarily because the Narcissus extract did anything, although it DOES smell VERY good, so the smell can sort of "revitalize" you so to speak.
  • Residue free: Yes.
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, and clarified: Sort of. I just feel "normal". My skin isn't that much softer or smoother. Just clean since it took off my makeup. If you wash your face and don't put on any moisturizer after, your skin WILL feel sort of tight, but nowhere near as tight-feeling as your skin would feel if you cleansed it with DHC Oil Cleanser.



I love the pump :)


I use 2 pumps to clean my face. I massage it all around and then rinse. I DO, however, use a separate cleanser AFTER using this one to make sure everything is clean.

I'll be creating an Ingredients List tab up at the top soon so they're easier to check when you want to purchase

My thoughts:

This is a great alternative for those who do not want to use a FULL oil-cleanser like the DHC Oil Cleanser. This does the job so far, and again like I said earlier, I do not know how well it takes off liquid/BB Cream foundation, but will update once I test that out. My DHC definitely takes off ANYTHING but is pricey and may be too oily for some (I like it though). I like how this foams up like a regular cleanser so it's not as messy as an oil cleanser and it smells GREAT. This is difficult to get a hold of since you have to buy it online if you do not have a retailer that sells this nearby. You get 150ml of product (5 fl.oz.). If you already have a good cheap makeup removing cleanser then you can skip out on this one. But for me, I will continue to purchase this once I run out. It doesn't have sulfur, which is important to me because I'm allergic to that, and a lot of Naruko products in general don't have sulfur, although some do.

Cost: $15.88 USD (9.98 GBP)
NOTE: I am not affiliated with beautyeshop. It's just where I buy my Naruko loot since I can't use the Taiwanese site. If you can read Taiwanese then buying from the actual website I think is cheaper :)

Packaging: 3/5 (love how you can recreate it to something useful since they give you instructions inside. This particular one reconstructs into a pencil box)
Cost: 3/5 ($15 to me ain't cheap!)
Product: 4/5 (works well, no complaints other than the slight tight feeling afterwards)
Overall: 4/5 (will update this to lower if it doesn't work with liquid/bb cream)
Repurchase: Yes

If any of yall have questions, please do let me know, or if I missed something in reviewing this.

Thank yall for reading! I'll be posting more tomorrow. I haven't quite decided yet what I want to post, though right now I feel like posting my nails lol. O well we'll see tomorrow :)

See yall later :)

*UPDATED 12/11/11*

This product won't take off my BB cream and foundation completely. I'll have to use my DHC oil cleanser to remove the rest. Bummer. Only buy this product if you use powder foundation lightly. If you pack on lots of powder, I'm not even sure if this will take it off. Since this is a cleanser geared towards removing makeup, I have to say it doesn't do its job well enough :( But if you arent wearing any makeup and want to use this as a regular cleanser, it is indeed gentle and will clean your skin just fine. Just don't expect any "squeeky clean" feeling.

Updated Ratings:

Packaging: 3/5 (love how you can recreate it to something useful since they give you instructions inside. This particular one reconstructs into a pencil box)
Cost: 3/5 ($15 to me ain't cheap!)
Product: 2/5
Overall: 3/5
Repurchase: NO. I changed from saying Yes to a No. With average results, not worth the money and inconvenience of obtaining this

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marshall, Walmart, Sephora, Ross, and Dollar Tree Purchases

Hey yall

I did this purchase about a month ago but am now finally getting to post it!

Splurged: MUFE Primer (Green). I think it was $30? $32? And the sample Benefit pack of their High Beam, Posie Tint, and Benetint was only $15--what a steal! But they're REALLY TINY, but it's a great way to try out each of them. I like all of them lol. Once I use them up I'll definite purchase the full size bottles. The posie tint stayed on my lips foreverrr. Just make sure your lips aren't chapped when you apply or else it'll sink into the cracks and accentuate them. Then since I'm currently using powder foundation for the hot summer, I want a finishing spray so I chose the highly rated MUFE Mist & Fix. This is just the small sample size, though I like this because it's travel friendly and you really don't need to spray much so that little bottle will last quite a while. I do intend to buy the full sized one later since per fl.oz it would be cheaper than buying each of these little one separately and then I'll just refill these little bottles when I need to travel. I'll be doing reviews on them too after I get my Naruko reviews out of the way. So much to review!!!

My body is strange. Some days it doesn't sweat at all, and some days I sweat like a pig, so I went ahead and picked up the clinical strength to make sure I don't soak up my poor shirts at the arm pitties area xD This scent smells SO GOOD O.O not to mention the extra clinical strength part totally works :) but it is more expensive than the regular deodorants. It costs $6 for half the amount you usually get for the other sticks at $3. The Bed Head Ego Boost is to help maintain my hair and help prevent split ends. So far so good actually. This got pretty good ratings but it's pricey at $15 =/ When I go into my next hair cut appointment at the end of the month, I'll see if my haircutter notices less split ends or not.

I heard from a youtuber that microfiber totally soaks up water more than a regular towel. Actually I first heard that for car washing lol, but I never thought to use it for my hair xD so I found this on sale at Ross and snatched it and it's so true. My long hair dried literally 2-3x faster. Sweet. lol. I also found no-name brand ones at the Dollar Tree if any of yall want to buy $1 microfiber hair wraps. I personally don't know if they work as good as this one or better or worse, but hey at $1, it's worth a shot right?

Dollar Tree loot. I was SO pleasantly surprised to find the Art Deco nail polishes there for just $1!! Usually these thin art nail polish liners cost $3-4. SUCH a steal. The CoverGirl eyeshadows were good too--had to pick them up. The color selection sucked but I got the last colors of the ones I have in the picture. My other nail buffer kind of wore out so I needed to get a new one. Didn't feel like paying $3 or so at CVS. $1 just sounds so great and is awesome lol. Yea I'm that cheap. Most people are like meh $3, but if I can save more money (but not too far out of my convenience to get), then I'll take it. That nailclipper isn't the greatest lol. Cuts just fine but so does not have that "catcher" thing to catch the nails you clip off. I wanted it to so I don't have to constantly hover over my trash can. O well, just a buck.

Hooray for nail polish! This duo was like $7 at Marshalls and usually these nail polishes run for $7-8 a pop. 2 for 1 price tag! They had other colors too but these blues intrigued me the most.

Okee dokee I shall be going to dinner now with parents and furniture shop.

See yall later! Will post another Naruko review tomorrow :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Product Review: Naruko Narcissus Total Defense AA Foaming Wash

Hey yall!

Back with a product review as promised :)

Super busy--just got back from work, but I got another shift coming up soon so I'm working on this inbetween.

I first heard about Naruko products from Fuzkittie and since the price was reasonable for the product, I thought to give it a try. I bought a LOT from them to try out so you'll definitely be seeing many more reviews on each product. Also if anyone is wondering why I'm reviewing these products individually rather than as a bundle in one post, it's because when people google up things, they put that specific product name they need and to have this individual post would help them find this review. I often research on products I want and have trouble finding the exact product I need because it's lost somewhere in a post--so I'm just writing this as how I'd like to find my product reviews. Hope yall don't mind! :)

Alright peoples lets get to the review!

The packaging is in a cardboard-ish box that you can re-make into something useful. They provide an instructions manual to reshape their boxes into things such as pencil holder, card holder, etc.

The squeeze tube itself is a pretty standard size. This is 120mL that you're getting, or in other words 4 fl oz. The tube is smooth but doesn't feel like that hard plastic that you get with lets say St.Ives tubes. I like the simplicity of it. It looks good but also not too girly so that males can use it too, for males that feel self-conscious about buying "female" products.


The plastic snap top is great, but I noticed that when you close it, it isn't as tight or secure as other snap-on tops, so I feel like this could be flipped open too easily. I don't mind it too much at all and I did travel with it and had no problem, but thought to mention that problem anyway

The product starts out fluffy and once you put water on it, I don't see it "thick" enough for my liking. When I wash my face, it was too thin. I like my cleansers to lather up enough. I mean, I have lathered it up more than what is seen in the pictures but it still isn't enough.

Here's the ingredients list for any of you who need to check for allergies :)

My thoughts:

This product isn't good but isn't bad. It didn't improve nor worsen my skin. At that price tag, I wouldn't repurchase, and even if it was just $5USD, I still wouldn't repurchase. I believe that's what Fuzkittie said too in her video. This product is rather ineffective. HOWEVER, for those of you with sensitive skin, perhaps this might actually clean your skin just fine. My skin is used to lots of prescription topicals and creams that are strong so this didn't do much for me. It does smell nice and the presentation and packaging is great, but I wouldn't recommend yall getting this unless yall are super curious.

Cost: 3/5 ($15USD is pricey to me)
Packaging: 3/5 (good and basic but nothing fancy)
Product itself: 2/5 (nothing good but nothing bad)
Overall rating: 2/5 (too inconvenient to get too! I don't see it in stores)

Hope this helps! I'll return with more Naruko product reviews among other brands and products. I've been saving up all the packaging in my room to take pics of the ingredients list and overall the packaging and my room is getting cluttered! haha. I must get these reviews done xD

See yall later :)


Wanted to show yall what the packaging looks like after you've followed the instructions to reconstruct it :)


I'll fill this up with little beads to make it into a brush holder! :D Then I'll reconstruct the other Naruko boxes to this same shape to get more brush holders side by side. whoot. The design looks nice too :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Award!

Thank you to Natikiru for giving me the blogger award :D

10 Things about me
Award it to 10 Bloggers and Notify them about this award

  1. I've been on about 5-6 different pills since 6th grade to help my acne--my skin is out of control! I've been on so many topical creams and gels too--if you name it, I probably have already used it...unfortunately T.T
  3. I'm getting really into cooking lately
  4. I have a major sweet tooth
  5. I'm a double major Finance and Marketing student
  6. My phone broke 4 times on me in the course of the 2 year agreement resulting me in having 4 different replacement phones because this phone sucks!
  7. I drive a Scion tC. LOVE it
  8. You can barely see the carpet in my room because my room is so messy xD
  9. I own so many pairs of shoes but wear just 2 of them majority of the time: my flip flops and Sperry's
  10. I'm quite an awkward person lol xD

Alright, I tag (in no particular order):


Working on the product reviews :)

Been a tad busy catching up with friends and apartment hunting as well as working, but I will indeed have my product review this week! I haven't done one of those in forever I know =/

I'm also still in the process of figuring out what to do with my blog, how to organize things, and also still trying to figure out how to use Windows MovieMaker in order to do youtube vids.

Hope yall are doing well :)

See yall soon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Nails: Nicole by OPI in Blue Lace

Hey yall!

Long time no blog!

Finished with finals of course, and now it's summer so I have more time :)

I've mainly been lurking around blogs commenting and such, and I'll admit have been lazy with my blog, but I'm back. Yay!

I did my nails the other day because I was bored (summer boredom!) and thought to try out the nail polish I got for free because of a Seventeen Magazine coupon I got online LONGGGGG time ago for ULTA.

The subbrand Nicole from OPI I heard has been discontinued, so I don't know if this color is still in production but I definitely do see Nicole polishes still sold in store so yall can see if they still have it :) This is a nice mermaid-ish teal and I think it's summery. I added some glitter nail polish from Covergirl at the tips to make the look more fun.


I honestly think the Nicole line was just discontinued on this one website that sells nailpolish. It simply said "discontinued" but I still see PLENTY of Nicole polishes at Target and CVS and other places so I don't think yall have to worry. Sorry for scaring yall!!! xDDD

Hope yall enjoy! :D




I painted my nails a couple weeks ago but forgot to take a picture of them! And lately my good OPI , or any nail polishes for that matter, have been chipping quite quickly. I don't know if it's because I use my hands a lot for work or if it's just my base coat. I know my top coat Seche Vite is really good. I use Orly Nail Bonder as my base coat and it doesn't seem like it's performing like it used to. Do yall have any suggestions for me on excellent base coats to try out?

So how have yall been? Any summer plans/vacations? Lemme know in the comments :)

See yall later!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Ramblings

Hey yall

Just been busy with school and also haven't been in the mood to blog unfortunately. Honestly though, I do have time, it's just I end up feeling guilty if I blog instead of study. Like, I start to think, "k I shouldn't be doing this. I should be reading or reworking some of those problems." So then that leads me to feeling guilty right now even typing this lol

Beauty Related Updates:

I bought Naruko products because I watched Fuzkittie's youtube video on it and decided to try it out--and I was completely excited to know that their products don't contain sulfur, a huge plus in my book. So far so good actually! I'm liking the products a lot. The smell is amazing. Of course I've only had it for merely 2 weeks but my skin definitely has not been breaking out from it so I'll continue to use it and see where it leads me :)

Also, I have purchase the Storm palette from SleekMakeup. Now let me tell you this, SleekMakeup's shipping is FUCKING SLOW. I understand they're from the UK, but the Naruko products came within just one week (using the same UK postal service), and I ordered from a UK-located store. Also, their products come...slightly used? Like, the eyeshadows seemed fine to me, but the mirror looked as if there were mascara and eyeliner marks. I demanded a replacement and they sent me one right away, which is nice and good, but the next one came in with the mirror "windex-ed" if you know what I mean. I see the streaks on the mirror so I know somehow it was used and they were wiping away things. I don't know what's going on but, I do like the product in itself--very pigmented--but the way they handle their company as well as the cleanliness of their products SUCKS. If you have a UK friend, try getting asking them to buy it and send it to you rather than buying from the company directly.

Last year I bought an Epilator after that post I had asking what is the best way to remove hair. I love this contraption lol. K I feel like I'm just doing short reviews--I probably should do more in depth ones xD But anyway, I like it a lot, but it's not perfect. Bought the Emagin Emjoi from Amazon.

So really, I've been purchasing quite a lot lol. I haven't listed everything xD I also bought a lot of on-sale clothes, like $5 shorts and $10 shirt, etc, and SHOESSSS haha (don't worry yall I do have my own job to pay for this lol)

I Do Not Like PrettyandCute:

I'd like to have a bitching moment here about PrettyandCute, that site that has been promoted a lot. Quite a while ago, I believe last year, I contacted PrettyandCute for samples of the Lioele Water Drop BB cream because Eki kindly suggested to me to ask them for samples (since my skin is so sensitive I want to try it out before buying). PrettyandCute completely ignored my email to them. At least they could have said "no, i'm sorry but we do not have samples for those at the moment" or something. Eki told me PrettyandCute has samples, and Eki was super duper sweet trying to help me out, but alas PrettyandCute never responded to me and ignored my email.

Strike one. So then there were some products that Jen from FrmHeadToToe used that I wanted the ingredients for (because obviously as I have repeated this a million times, I'm heavily allergic to sulfur so I REALLY do not want to spend like $50 on products only to make me sent back to the dermatologist on 10002384927 diff pills and creams). They replied to me saying that it would take too long to type up every ingredient on the box, so they suggest I google it first. Ok, I understand that it is technically a lot to type up, but it is THEIR duty to provide customer service and they dismissed me. I already googled up the products to find the ingredients, so I already did my research, which is exactly why I decided to email them because they are the ones providing the products and I had no other source to get the ingredients. Honestly to me that's lazy service.

So then I emailed Jen, and Jen talked to the representative and then finally PrettyandCute were SOOO apologetic telling me they don't tolerate that kind of lack of customer service so they took a picture of one of the 4 products I asked about by taking the picture with their iPhone and sending me the photo. I was thankful and sent the email back asking them if they can send me the other ingredients. Thank goodness I asked them for the ingredients because it turns out that the product I wanted had sulfur! So after asking them for the other ingredients, they NEVER responded to me again. Poor customer service. They were clearly avoiding me. If it's that simple and easy to take a picture with the iPhone to send me the ingredients, why can't they just post that stuff up on their site so they don't have many emails from people like me who need to have ingredients list sent to them? Why not get it done in one shot and post it on the website? There are many girls like me who are allergic to things and really need to check the ingredients list.

What pissed me off was that it took me contacting Jen, who was completely so sweet in helping me (thank you Jen!!! :) ), for PrettyandCute to do something. They respond to their affliates, but for "little people" like me, my emails were ignored. Pathetic.

Needless to say, PrettyandCute, you do NOT have my business, not now, not ever. You're only exuding an extremely nice appearance through your affiliates to get your customers and when you ignore customers in need like me, you pretty much lost potential profit/income. I really was going to buy a good load from you, but not anymore! --end rant--

On a COMPLETELY totally different, unrelated note, I would like to share with yall this article:

It's an article stating if you aren't married but want to be married, there might be a couple key things "wrong" with you. Now there are some people who were quite offended by what that lady wrote, however in my opinion, I think it's rather spot on and have learned quite a bit from it. I understand the article is written in a satirical/joking manner, but I still felt it provided many good, important points.

That article sure knocked sense into me and I am guilty of probably half of that list xD

Go take a look and lemme know what you think :)

Hope yall have been doing well! ^__^ and thank you to each and every new subscriber. I really do appreciate it! When I originally had 38 followers, I didn't imagine it would grow to 160 and that really touches me that people actually enjoy what I put up on this wittle blog. So thank yall :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Love Your Blog tag from NaTGN! :)

Hey yall :)

It's been a while since I blogged! Btw, fellow blogger The Little Dust Princess informed me that my blog page has been cut off on the left side. I was wondering if anyone else had trouble viewing my page? If so, I'm really sorry ><. To be honest, I don't really know how to fix it x.x She said she's having trouble on Firefox, and it works fine for me on my firefox, but I'm currently using Google Chrome. If someone knows how to fix this, I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions xD

I had one of my friends visit my page through Internet Explorer and he said that if he makes his window small/minimized, he cant scroll sideways and such, so there's something wrong with how my template was made. I just got one of those free templates xD! Then made some minor color adjustments, put up my banner, then extended the size of my blog thing to fit my 700pixel wide pictures. I've also noticed that my right side panel has migrated to the bottom of my webpage and I don't know what on earth is wrong :( Someone please help ;.;

Aside from that, school has begun!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I'm nervous for this semester because I'm taking Finance and I have the worst teacher in the world. She's infamous for having people drop out and fail her course, even WITH curves, and NOW there will NOT be ANY curves whatsoever. She said if every single person in class fails, then so be it. Every person fails and she doesn't give a damn. Can we as students complain to the school board or dean at that point? Because this seems like a death class.

Anyway onward to the tag! Thank you NaTGN for tagging me :)

1. Why did you create this blog?

I created this blog because one of my old bloggerette friends ILurveMakeup persuaded me to get a blog. I was very scared to to be honest because I felt that I'm not "pro" enough, you know what I mean? lol. I see gurus out there and I'm like, I know I won't be able to do awesome tutorials and what not--just mainly product reviews. Also I'm not the richest person--I'm in college! (but really I'm a money-saving addict) I always see many other girls do tons of hauling, and I felt discouraged to keep this blog because I knew I didn't have enough of a variety to show yall for makeup and among other beauty items. However I grew to love blogging and helping out others. Whenever I want a product, I do HEAVY researching on blogs as well as MUA and I really depend on these reviews to help me, and knowing that my reviews help others is great.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

I follow blogs that typically have thorough product reviews and post up some of their fashion as well so I can get inspiration. And I really do like blogs that have personality in them, not just that robotic typing up of product reviews and being too technical. I want to know my bloggers :<

3. Favourite kind of makeup?

Well lol, I haven't exactly deviated from my mom's "free gift with purchase" makeup stuff xD And really I don't wear makeup too often and only have the basics. I did order Sleek Makeup Storm palette but have yet to receive it (because their customer service sucks btw!!!) so I don't want to say that's my favourite just yet. I do love my Rock & Republic blush and eyeshadows so far (especially the packaging!) and I definitely appreciate NYX, as well as Revlon lipglosses. I guess I'd like to own Japanese makeup like Lavuschka, Kate, VOV, Kanebo, Majolica Majorca, etc because I know their quality is good and their packaging is to die for lol. K yea I can't really pinpoint my favourite cuz I only have like a couple items from each brand =/

4. Favourite clothing brand?

H&M omg LOVE LOVE LOVE. Too bad they don't have a store here in Houston! I also love Zara, Asos, Urban Outfitters, Forever21 (some of their stuff), TopShop, Target (they're getting in pretty good stuff nowadays!), Ann Taylor Loft (they're stepping it up in style though I haven't really boughten anything from them except for a sweater so far lol but it's currently my favorite sweater! Kinda pricey of a store for me), Express, and I love stopping by Ross and Marshalls and among other discount stores :) I don't care about name brand honestly. I just like the styles from those stores and then I'll find no-name brand stuff at Ross and Marshalls that are amazing, BUT you gotta dig past the really fugly stuff to find the gems lol, whereas stores like Zara and H&M are consistent with how awesome the style and quality are.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

Gah this is hard, but I'd have to say eyeliner. I rarely go out with foundation on so that's a no brainer I wouldn't pick that. I feel comfortable in my skin--even though I still have acne scars and some zits T___T but o well it's okay. It's not that bad. I thought about concealer and mascara. Concealer is definitely helpful but I think I'm able to go outside with my undereye circles like I normally do anyway lol, and then for mascara, although I use it VERY often, eyeliner helps define my eyes much better. I can make it subtle or dramatic.

6. Your favourite color?

BLUE <3 I like white and black too but blue is best :) (even tho half of my closet is black! xD)

7. Your perfume?

I actually don't use perfume. I'm too lazy to and also I'm very scared that someone might not like my perfume or may be allergic to it so I don't wear it. But honestly it's because I'm lazy xD. I just don't think about it you know? I just get out the door and on to school. I do still have body sprays here and there but I'll rarely use it. However in middle school I religiously sprayed my hair brush with bath and body works sprays and then brush my hair so the scent can seep into my hair. I remember people loving that blueberry ish scent that is now discontinued, but anyway, yea I don't do that anymore either lol.

8. Your favourite film?

Too many to list! I am a fan of the Disney movies :) Up from Pixar definitely touched me. It's so sad!! xD, but still very very good. I enjoyed Dispicable Me OMG so CUTE! I love the minions :3 Anyway, I actually don't watch movies that often other than the popular ones.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

There's too many places I wanna visit >.< I want to visit Japan, Australia, all over Europe...EVERYWHERE!

10. Makeup the last question and answer.
What is your favorite drink? It's a tie between Milk (1 or 2%), Mango Green Tea tapioca, Thai Tea tapioca, and that Nestle lipton tea mixed berry bottled drink lol


Hope yall are doing well :)

See yall later!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Beauty Resolutions!

Hey yall :)

Everyone's doing their beauty resolutions so I thought hey why not.

And these are in no particular order

  1. Use chapstick regularly
    This year I've noticed that my lips have bled and cracked so much more than any other year!! It's just awful. That's why I made my last post on chapsticks. I actually grew impatient and went ahead and bought the Nivea one while I was out on new years xD My lips were so dry I was like, omgggg I'll just freakin buy it lol

  2. Lotion myself regularly
    Again, I just ignored my skin this year and now I see my legs have these awful looking patches of dry skin. It looks like I've been bruised or something. It's really NOT attractive right now lol I don't know why I've become so lazy with it. I used to do it almost everyday! My mom bought me Bath & Body Works lotions (YESS Cool Citrus Basil--my favorite scent!) so I think that may motivate me to lotion up more!

  3. Exercise!!!
    I know I'm a puny person but I sure am pretty weak. I used to do swimming when I was in elementary as well as iceskating, and then in highschool I was on the tennis team for 2 years, but then I quit and my exercise was nonexistent from there. I keep telling myself I'll exercise at school but it never happens! I seem to have hours of gap between classes for this spring 11 semester so I'll make use of that. I need to go at least once a week! Preferably 2x or more

  4. Drink More Water
    I really don't think I drink enough water. I'm sure my skin would be much happier if I drank like 3-4 bottles worth of water each day. I always forget and then at school I feel scared if I drink too much water then I'll have to pee in class xD

  5. Brush and Cut my hair regularly
    Believe it or not, this year I rarely brushed my hair! xD I only brushed through it after a shower but that was it. In the morning I typically would dash out the door, with my hair unbrushed/untouched from the moment I got out of bed. It looked fine lol, but then my hair remained tangled and then tons of split ends formed. REALLY bad. I also was trying to grow out my hair so I didn't cut it for like half a year--big mistake. I learned that even when growing out your hair, at least get a trim inbetween or else you'll get a LOT of split ends. Every 3 months is a good number to go back to your haircutter. Oh and fun random fact: I've been using the same blue Conair brush since I was in 8th grade xD Maybe that's an ew? haha I have attachments to this brush lol. Plus it still works fine and I clean it out so I don't see why I should throw it out.

  6. Use sheet masks once or twice a week
    I need to treat my skin nicely. This will give me a good 20 minute cat nap each time to relax and also moisturize my face.

  7. Sleep earlier
    I've been sleeping SO late this semester. Often 2-3am, sometimes 4am, NOT doing HW lol, but rather just staying online chatting and browsing blogs etc, so I think that is an unhealthy habit ruining my skin and overall health. More sleep! I'll make note to go to bed at 1am max, but try to get to bed around midnight. Of course exceptions will be made for the times I need to cram for a midterm or whatever.

  8. Use my accessories
    If yall read my 20 random things about me post, then yall know that I never use my accessories even though I have so many xD. I'm usually lazy or I forget. I have many cute earrings and necklaces and I should start using them again!

  9. FLOSS
    Okay for some of yall this is gross. I rarely floss my teeth. But don't worry I do brush my teeth morning and night lol xD I just get so lazy with flossing! But I should take care of my teeth because I'm lucky to have naturally straight teeth, no braces, and they are healthy teeth too so I should appreciate them more and take care of them.

  10. Make use of my lipglosses
    Again, if yall read my 20 random things about me post, yall know that I have a bajillion lipglosses and I just don't use them! xD lol I feel weird if I just walked out of the house with only lipgloss on. But honestly I think a little lipcolor can really brighten up your face some. I need to use them up!!

  11. Take my vitamins regularly!
    Okay I think taking fish oil and vitamin E oil helps and I sure haven't been good with taking them =/ My multivitamins have expired and I should get a new bottle. I just hate taking pills. I don't know why. I know it's easy to pop in and swallow but...it's just annoying to remember you know? But I think it'll be best for my health if I take them, not to mention good for my skin too since Fish oil and vitamin E is good for your skin. BTW, use these vitamins at your own discretion. Unfortunately one of my best friends has had a nosebleed from this because it thinned out her blood too much, so make sure to ask your doctor if it's okay for yall to use. It might be too powerful for your body.

I think that may be it? haha I guess I'll add more if I think of them.

Hope yall are doing well.

See yall later :)


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