Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Love Your Blog tag from NaTGN! :)

Hey yall :)

It's been a while since I blogged! Btw, fellow blogger The Little Dust Princess informed me that my blog page has been cut off on the left side. I was wondering if anyone else had trouble viewing my page? If so, I'm really sorry ><. To be honest, I don't really know how to fix it x.x She said she's having trouble on Firefox, and it works fine for me on my firefox, but I'm currently using Google Chrome. If someone knows how to fix this, I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions xD

I had one of my friends visit my page through Internet Explorer and he said that if he makes his window small/minimized, he cant scroll sideways and such, so there's something wrong with how my template was made. I just got one of those free templates xD! Then made some minor color adjustments, put up my banner, then extended the size of my blog thing to fit my 700pixel wide pictures. I've also noticed that my right side panel has migrated to the bottom of my webpage and I don't know what on earth is wrong :( Someone please help ;.;

Aside from that, school has begun!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I'm nervous for this semester because I'm taking Finance and I have the worst teacher in the world. She's infamous for having people drop out and fail her course, even WITH curves, and NOW there will NOT be ANY curves whatsoever. She said if every single person in class fails, then so be it. Every person fails and she doesn't give a damn. Can we as students complain to the school board or dean at that point? Because this seems like a death class.

Anyway onward to the tag! Thank you NaTGN for tagging me :)

1. Why did you create this blog?

I created this blog because one of my old bloggerette friends ILurveMakeup persuaded me to get a blog. I was very scared to to be honest because I felt that I'm not "pro" enough, you know what I mean? lol. I see gurus out there and I'm like, I know I won't be able to do awesome tutorials and what not--just mainly product reviews. Also I'm not the richest person--I'm in college! (but really I'm a money-saving addict) I always see many other girls do tons of hauling, and I felt discouraged to keep this blog because I knew I didn't have enough of a variety to show yall for makeup and among other beauty items. However I grew to love blogging and helping out others. Whenever I want a product, I do HEAVY researching on blogs as well as MUA and I really depend on these reviews to help me, and knowing that my reviews help others is great.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?

I follow blogs that typically have thorough product reviews and post up some of their fashion as well so I can get inspiration. And I really do like blogs that have personality in them, not just that robotic typing up of product reviews and being too technical. I want to know my bloggers :<

3. Favourite kind of makeup?

Well lol, I haven't exactly deviated from my mom's "free gift with purchase" makeup stuff xD And really I don't wear makeup too often and only have the basics. I did order Sleek Makeup Storm palette but have yet to receive it (because their customer service sucks btw!!!) so I don't want to say that's my favourite just yet. I do love my Rock & Republic blush and eyeshadows so far (especially the packaging!) and I definitely appreciate NYX, as well as Revlon lipglosses. I guess I'd like to own Japanese makeup like Lavuschka, Kate, VOV, Kanebo, Majolica Majorca, etc because I know their quality is good and their packaging is to die for lol. K yea I can't really pinpoint my favourite cuz I only have like a couple items from each brand =/

4. Favourite clothing brand?

H&M omg LOVE LOVE LOVE. Too bad they don't have a store here in Houston! I also love Zara, Asos, Urban Outfitters, Forever21 (some of their stuff), TopShop, Target (they're getting in pretty good stuff nowadays!), Ann Taylor Loft (they're stepping it up in style though I haven't really boughten anything from them except for a sweater so far lol but it's currently my favorite sweater! Kinda pricey of a store for me), Express, and I love stopping by Ross and Marshalls and among other discount stores :) I don't care about name brand honestly. I just like the styles from those stores and then I'll find no-name brand stuff at Ross and Marshalls that are amazing, BUT you gotta dig past the really fugly stuff to find the gems lol, whereas stores like Zara and H&M are consistent with how awesome the style and quality are.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

Gah this is hard, but I'd have to say eyeliner. I rarely go out with foundation on so that's a no brainer I wouldn't pick that. I feel comfortable in my skin--even though I still have acne scars and some zits T___T but o well it's okay. It's not that bad. I thought about concealer and mascara. Concealer is definitely helpful but I think I'm able to go outside with my undereye circles like I normally do anyway lol, and then for mascara, although I use it VERY often, eyeliner helps define my eyes much better. I can make it subtle or dramatic.

6. Your favourite color?

BLUE <3 I like white and black too but blue is best :) (even tho half of my closet is black! xD)

7. Your perfume?

I actually don't use perfume. I'm too lazy to and also I'm very scared that someone might not like my perfume or may be allergic to it so I don't wear it. But honestly it's because I'm lazy xD. I just don't think about it you know? I just get out the door and on to school. I do still have body sprays here and there but I'll rarely use it. However in middle school I religiously sprayed my hair brush with bath and body works sprays and then brush my hair so the scent can seep into my hair. I remember people loving that blueberry ish scent that is now discontinued, but anyway, yea I don't do that anymore either lol.

8. Your favourite film?

Too many to list! I am a fan of the Disney movies :) Up from Pixar definitely touched me. It's so sad!! xD, but still very very good. I enjoyed Dispicable Me OMG so CUTE! I love the minions :3 Anyway, I actually don't watch movies that often other than the popular ones.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

There's too many places I wanna visit >.< I want to visit Japan, Australia, all over Europe...EVERYWHERE!

10. Makeup the last question and answer.
What is your favorite drink? It's a tie between Milk (1 or 2%), Mango Green Tea tapioca, Thai Tea tapioca, and that Nestle lipton tea mixed berry bottled drink lol


Hope yall are doing well :)

See yall later!


Anonymous said...

GWP are the BOMB. Yeah I forget to spray myself with perfume a lot of the times, or like you out of pure laziness I just don't. And even when I do, I spray a light spritz just enough so there's the tiniest hint and mostly so I can just smell it and not anyone else haha is that weird? Oooh I hate milk.. well actually I don't hate it as much as I did before. It just doesn't really taste like anything haha. I opt for soy milk yum yum yum.

Thanks for doing the tag, I enjoyed reading it! I hope you're doing well in school and surviving!! I just did a midterm today and I have other things this week too. School is killing me x__x Good luck with your teacher, sounds horrific... I never understood why teachers want to be so mean... the success of he students will be the people of the future.. so why screw them up?!! ;P

The Little Dust Princess said...

You should just reset your template. : ) Like..use a new one if you have time! It's still cut off for me. If you wanna know how much is cut off, look at the date of the post... the month "January" is where the line begins. I can't see anything before that word!

Kalmo said...

Haha I just back into blogging too and can relate on feeling guilty about not studying but we all need breaks too! :) Glad you're back too!

Oh Naruko, I also remember Fuz loving them and glad the products are working for you so far.

Boo Prettyncute! They sound like they're only nice to big bloggers and not regular paying customers. Tsk.


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