Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Ramblings

Hey yall

Just been busy with school and also haven't been in the mood to blog unfortunately. Honestly though, I do have time, it's just I end up feeling guilty if I blog instead of study. Like, I start to think, "k I shouldn't be doing this. I should be reading or reworking some of those problems." So then that leads me to feeling guilty right now even typing this lol

Beauty Related Updates:

I bought Naruko products because I watched Fuzkittie's youtube video on it and decided to try it out--and I was completely excited to know that their products don't contain sulfur, a huge plus in my book. So far so good actually! I'm liking the products a lot. The smell is amazing. Of course I've only had it for merely 2 weeks but my skin definitely has not been breaking out from it so I'll continue to use it and see where it leads me :)

Also, I have purchase the Storm palette from SleekMakeup. Now let me tell you this, SleekMakeup's shipping is FUCKING SLOW. I understand they're from the UK, but the Naruko products came within just one week (using the same UK postal service), and I ordered from a UK-located store. Also, their products come...slightly used? Like, the eyeshadows seemed fine to me, but the mirror looked as if there were mascara and eyeliner marks. I demanded a replacement and they sent me one right away, which is nice and good, but the next one came in with the mirror "windex-ed" if you know what I mean. I see the streaks on the mirror so I know somehow it was used and they were wiping away things. I don't know what's going on but, I do like the product in itself--very pigmented--but the way they handle their company as well as the cleanliness of their products SUCKS. If you have a UK friend, try getting asking them to buy it and send it to you rather than buying from the company directly.

Last year I bought an Epilator after that post I had asking what is the best way to remove hair. I love this contraption lol. K I feel like I'm just doing short reviews--I probably should do more in depth ones xD But anyway, I like it a lot, but it's not perfect. Bought the Emagin Emjoi from Amazon.

So really, I've been purchasing quite a lot lol. I haven't listed everything xD I also bought a lot of on-sale clothes, like $5 shorts and $10 shirt, etc, and SHOESSSS haha (don't worry yall I do have my own job to pay for this lol)

I Do Not Like PrettyandCute:

I'd like to have a bitching moment here about PrettyandCute, that site that has been promoted a lot. Quite a while ago, I believe last year, I contacted PrettyandCute for samples of the Lioele Water Drop BB cream because Eki kindly suggested to me to ask them for samples (since my skin is so sensitive I want to try it out before buying). PrettyandCute completely ignored my email to them. At least they could have said "no, i'm sorry but we do not have samples for those at the moment" or something. Eki told me PrettyandCute has samples, and Eki was super duper sweet trying to help me out, but alas PrettyandCute never responded to me and ignored my email.

Strike one. So then there were some products that Jen from FrmHeadToToe used that I wanted the ingredients for (because obviously as I have repeated this a million times, I'm heavily allergic to sulfur so I REALLY do not want to spend like $50 on products only to make me sent back to the dermatologist on 10002384927 diff pills and creams). They replied to me saying that it would take too long to type up every ingredient on the box, so they suggest I google it first. Ok, I understand that it is technically a lot to type up, but it is THEIR duty to provide customer service and they dismissed me. I already googled up the products to find the ingredients, so I already did my research, which is exactly why I decided to email them because they are the ones providing the products and I had no other source to get the ingredients. Honestly to me that's lazy service.

So then I emailed Jen, and Jen talked to the representative and then finally PrettyandCute were SOOO apologetic telling me they don't tolerate that kind of lack of customer service so they took a picture of one of the 4 products I asked about by taking the picture with their iPhone and sending me the photo. I was thankful and sent the email back asking them if they can send me the other ingredients. Thank goodness I asked them for the ingredients because it turns out that the product I wanted had sulfur! So after asking them for the other ingredients, they NEVER responded to me again. Poor customer service. They were clearly avoiding me. If it's that simple and easy to take a picture with the iPhone to send me the ingredients, why can't they just post that stuff up on their site so they don't have many emails from people like me who need to have ingredients list sent to them? Why not get it done in one shot and post it on the website? There are many girls like me who are allergic to things and really need to check the ingredients list.

What pissed me off was that it took me contacting Jen, who was completely so sweet in helping me (thank you Jen!!! :) ), for PrettyandCute to do something. They respond to their affliates, but for "little people" like me, my emails were ignored. Pathetic.

Needless to say, PrettyandCute, you do NOT have my business, not now, not ever. You're only exuding an extremely nice appearance through your affiliates to get your customers and when you ignore customers in need like me, you pretty much lost potential profit/income. I really was going to buy a good load from you, but not anymore! --end rant--

On a COMPLETELY totally different, unrelated note, I would like to share with yall this article:

It's an article stating if you aren't married but want to be married, there might be a couple key things "wrong" with you. Now there are some people who were quite offended by what that lady wrote, however in my opinion, I think it's rather spot on and have learned quite a bit from it. I understand the article is written in a satirical/joking manner, but I still felt it provided many good, important points.

That article sure knocked sense into me and I am guilty of probably half of that list xD

Go take a look and lemme know what you think :)

Hope yall have been doing well! ^__^ and thank you to each and every new subscriber. I really do appreciate it! When I originally had 38 followers, I didn't imagine it would grow to 160 and that really touches me that people actually enjoy what I put up on this wittle blog. So thank yall :)


mayaari said...

that's such a shame to hear that you had such terrible CS from prettyandcute, and that you had to go through other bloggers to get a response from them. I understand that people are trying to get their business out there, and getting a well-known blogger to review products proves to be effective marketing, but that doesn't mean that they should treat other customers the way you were treated - every customer should be important.

IchigoBunnie said...

yea definitely. i do support these smaller companies trying to get their name out there because business is quite tough and extremely competitive, but indeed, ashame to brush away a customer =/

alien man?! said...

yikes... I'm sorry to hear you got that kind of treatment from PnC. That definitely puts me off from giving them a try.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The same thing happened to me from Pretty and Cute as well =/ I emailed them asking for a specific ingredient and they never responded to me. I didn't even bother then because I emailed another blogger and they took a photo of the ingredient list for me.

I really want to try Naruko products too! I hope you do a review on them :D

Kalmo said...

Oh btw, do you really like the Alba Green Tea sunscreen? In the market for a new one and this one had high reviews on MUA? Thanks! I saw it on your side bar. :)

IchigoBunnie said...


i actually dont use it anymore. it smelled VERY GOOD but it was inconsistent. sometimes it left my face matte, other times it looked oily. My cousin used it and she said altho it smells good, it burned her eyes when it got in, but id imagine if ANY product gets in ones eyes, it'd hurt regardless xD

anyway, not the best product out there. i used the shiseido blue tubed one which i liked a LOT, tho pricey. and im currently testing out the neutrogena liquid one which is ok so far

hth :)

Kalmo said...

Thanks so much for answering my question! I will def. skip it then. ^^

Anonymous said...

Heyyy, I've missed you!! I think it's safe to say that both of us are feeling the blogger blues haha.
My old blog never came through your feeds? I think that's happened to me before with another blog too. Well good thing I'm done with that blog so you'll no longer have that problem haha. I hope all is well with you =)

Anonymous said...

Me too!!! I have a ton of pics of stuff that I want to blog about. But when it comes down to sitting across the computer screen, it's like I don't want to go through with it haha! Well I don't even have the excuse of school to use, I'm done.. and still lacking posts XD. And I totally agree, the blogging hype has really gone down significantly. But it goes the same for everything I suppose, youtube, facebook etc.

And yeah, same goes for me. I have some lows too that I'm trying to fix. It's gotten better but jeeze, I've realized that a lot of 'issues' I see out there whether it be in song lyrics or television shows... they really bother me now. Being treated poorly, disrespected, and put down has really taken it's toll on me =\ I've come to learn so many things now. I feel like I've grown so much from my experiences. The good part of it is that I now won't tolerate any sort of bullshit in the future. I'm more direct now, I'm tired of 'pretending' to be happy or not realizing what a guy is doing or whatever. You know when you act stupid a little because you don't want to show that you know that a guy is coming on to you? Just so that there's no awkwardness between you two because you're not interested in him? Yeah. Now I'm just like, dude you're not my type, don't waste your time HAHAHA. So at least now I don't give bullshit and I won't tolerate bullshit either.

In the past I've been WAY too lenient with giving people the benefit of the doubt. Others tell me that I take 'seeing the good in people' a little too far. I took it past the point of it being okay or right. I've learned my lesson... I'm still debating on whether I should do a post talking about that kind of stuff actually.

Anonymous said...

Aw I know what you mean! But sometimes even if you DO have a good argument and you're making the most logical points EVER~ it only can go so far if the person you're arguing with is stubborn or doesn't listen at all -.- At that point I just want to rip out my hair haha~ okay not literally because I love my hair way more than getting my point across =P

Oh why do you have to live so far away? XD I feel like it'd be so cool to meet you! And if you know me I'm so chicken to meet new people haha.

Anonymous said...

Omg if you got to go on vacation, you shouldn't come to where I am haha. All these more interesting places are coming to my mind XD

Ooh, hopefully you'll get out of lazy mode and get to blogging again =) It's hard to though and I wouldn't blame you for enjoying the summer days!


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