Friday, May 20, 2011

Nails: Nicole by OPI in Blue Lace

Hey yall!

Long time no blog!

Finished with finals of course, and now it's summer so I have more time :)

I've mainly been lurking around blogs commenting and such, and I'll admit have been lazy with my blog, but I'm back. Yay!

I did my nails the other day because I was bored (summer boredom!) and thought to try out the nail polish I got for free because of a Seventeen Magazine coupon I got online LONGGGGG time ago for ULTA.

The subbrand Nicole from OPI I heard has been discontinued, so I don't know if this color is still in production but I definitely do see Nicole polishes still sold in store so yall can see if they still have it :) This is a nice mermaid-ish teal and I think it's summery. I added some glitter nail polish from Covergirl at the tips to make the look more fun.


I honestly think the Nicole line was just discontinued on this one website that sells nailpolish. It simply said "discontinued" but I still see PLENTY of Nicole polishes at Target and CVS and other places so I don't think yall have to worry. Sorry for scaring yall!!! xDDD

Hope yall enjoy! :D




I painted my nails a couple weeks ago but forgot to take a picture of them! And lately my good OPI , or any nail polishes for that matter, have been chipping quite quickly. I don't know if it's because I use my hands a lot for work or if it's just my base coat. I know my top coat Seche Vite is really good. I use Orly Nail Bonder as my base coat and it doesn't seem like it's performing like it used to. Do yall have any suggestions for me on excellent base coats to try out?

So how have yall been? Any summer plans/vacations? Lemme know in the comments :)

See yall later!


Anonymous said...

Whatttt? Seriously Nicole is being discontinued? Ah well at least OPI isn't haha.

And you have GOT to tell me the name of that glitter nail polish- I hope it's still available! I love pales and glitter nail polish, after all that's all I wear =S

p.s. You got the whole mermaid look down pat on your nails~ amazing!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Pretty nails! I had no idea it was discontinued. I never even got to try it. =\

Anonymous said...

Omgosh haha LOVE all the comments you left me hun!! I hope you're doing a lot better these days =) Have you been enjoying your days off from school?

Guess I should start with my responses now as I think it might be a very long one hahaha!

I so know what you mean when you say you get corn stuck in between your teeth haha! It doesn't happen too often with me though because I have big teeth and they're closely packed together. I actually had to get a couple removed before I could get braces back in the day LOL. Spicy crawfish, now that's interesting- I actually don't know what that is >< Sure thing I'll do a review on that Lise Watier concealer and concealer post!

Aw you're allergic to sulfur? Bummer... I really like it a lot haha. It's okay though there's many other lovely powders out there. Yeah I sort of just stay away from MAC face products from now on because if I use too much they break me out... like this creme blush I have of theirs- it's SO lovely but it breaks my face out like no tomorrow =( Well I don't know about MSFs but I use the MSFN on occasion and I feel like it's similar to any other powder out there, so you're not missing out on much anyway. I actually don't use a primer haha! I feel like it's just more crap on my face and takes more time out of my mornings when I go to school. What's great about the Dior powder is that I just dust it on and bam I'm done =)

I'm glad my posts are inspiring in some way. I hope to inspire all of my readers hehe. Though I don't need credit, I actually hope to inspire bloggers too with my style of blogging as well ^^

I haven't gotten to the Fresh Rose Marigold Floral Water yet. Still using my MAC Fix+. But I am so dying to try it haha! It smells so lovely. I plan to use it as a step in my skincare not to set my makeup or anything. I'm SO the same as you! I have a lot of lashes just sitting in my drawers probably calling out for my attention to see daylight or even night life haha! You're right, eyelashes look uber pretty in pictures but sort of scary sometimes in real life (especially the dramatic ones) =X I guess you just have to wear the right kind of makeup- but sometimes it just looks way too heavy for my liking. I regret buying some of the more dramatic ones, wish I bought more of the naturals. Oh you know what I do? I use a smaller grip hairband and then put the frilly girly ones on top. That way my hair stays in place AND looks pretty =3

Arghhh the more I get to know you the more I wish I lived near you! I feel like you are my long lost twin hahaha! XD

Anonymous said...

I learned cooking through watching my mom ever since I was young! Also watching cooking shows helps. I wish I could cook with you, I think it'd be so much fun ^^ Only found 3 shirts at the mall... but I wanted to find more graphic tees but failed to do so *sigh*

Yay for inspiration! You create separate pages by going to the 'Posting' tab (like you're going to create a new post) and there's a subtab underneath it labelled 'Edit Pages' - hope that made sense... haha. Let me know if you still have trouble finding it =)

Anonymous said...

Realizing what I did also relieved me of my sorrows too. And YES effort and dedication from my s.o. is definitely what I'm looking for. I'm never being suckered into "but we're meant to be" ever again.

Yeah that Mirror song is really catchy too. I didn't know of her before hearing her on the radio and seeing her vids being played on tv lol =3

Anonymous said...

Hey just came by to say hi and to apologize that I haven't yet posted the review on the Lise Watier concealer..!! I'm so sorry! Ah I feel so bad.. I haven't had time to take pictures and I'm in the process of clearing my drafts first >< I hope that's okay.

Anonymous said...

Yeah loofahs are a bit tricky to keep clean but I basically just rinse them under running water and shake it a lot haha. I'm not too much of a germ-o-phobe, so if you are I'd understand your troubles with them.
The wash cloth is a good idea! But since I already bought the Body Shop I'll just continue using it so it doesn't go to waste.
Dang I wish I could get my hands on the gatsby in store! Sounds so much cheaper but usually those sorts of things are overpriced over here.

Anonymous said...

Aw you're so sweet, thank you! But for now I would feel WAY too guilty. Though I'd love to do a swap one day if I ever get a job -.- I think that would be so fun. I actually bought a pair of pumps/heels(?) recently. I don't even really know the difference between the two haha.

I leave my loofah to hang dry in the shower after I shake all the water out of it. Do other family members use the same shower as you? Perhaps when they take a shower it stops your loofah from drying and drenches it all over again. I feel like there would be more bacteria if you were to put it on a dry towel to dry as the dampness from the towel could be a feeding ground for bacteria (I don't know if that's true it's just what I think haha).


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