Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Award!

Thank you to Natikiru for giving me the blogger award :D

10 Things about me
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  1. I've been on about 5-6 different pills since 6th grade to help my acne--my skin is out of control! I've been on so many topical creams and gels too--if you name it, I probably have already used it...unfortunately T.T
  3. I'm getting really into cooking lately
  4. I have a major sweet tooth
  5. I'm a double major Finance and Marketing student
  6. My phone broke 4 times on me in the course of the 2 year agreement resulting me in having 4 different replacement phones because this phone sucks!
  7. I drive a Scion tC. LOVE it
  8. You can barely see the carpet in my room because my room is so messy xD
  9. I own so many pairs of shoes but wear just 2 of them majority of the time: my flip flops and Sperry's
  10. I'm quite an awkward person lol xD

Alright, I tag (in no particular order):


Working on the product reviews :)

Been a tad busy catching up with friends and apartment hunting as well as working, but I will indeed have my product review this week! I haven't done one of those in forever I know =/

I'm also still in the process of figuring out what to do with my blog, how to organize things, and also still trying to figure out how to use Windows MovieMaker in order to do youtube vids.

Hope yall are doing well :)

See yall soon!


Kalmo said...

Woo! Congratulations on the blog award!

Wah sorry to hear about the skin journey and troubles, are you clear now?

I love baklava too, especially with hot tea. Awesome double major, very useful in these days. LOL you're room must be quite messy.

Aw thank you so much for the tag/award!

Can't wait to see your product reviews. Excited about potential youtube videos. :)

Anonymous said...

Baklava are indeed very yummy ^^ Haha seems like you know what to write for these sorts of awards and tags! I had trouble thinking up of things. Whenever put on the spot or required to write about myself, I never know what to say!

Oh and I don't know how to say this but... I never posted a picture of my sister in my beach post XD The reason you think I look similar to my sister is because that picture you compared with IS me! Haha!


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