Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marshall, Walmart, Sephora, Ross, and Dollar Tree Purchases

Hey yall

I did this purchase about a month ago but am now finally getting to post it!

Splurged: MUFE Primer (Green). I think it was $30? $32? And the sample Benefit pack of their High Beam, Posie Tint, and Benetint was only $15--what a steal! But they're REALLY TINY, but it's a great way to try out each of them. I like all of them lol. Once I use them up I'll definite purchase the full size bottles. The posie tint stayed on my lips foreverrr. Just make sure your lips aren't chapped when you apply or else it'll sink into the cracks and accentuate them. Then since I'm currently using powder foundation for the hot summer, I want a finishing spray so I chose the highly rated MUFE Mist & Fix. This is just the small sample size, though I like this because it's travel friendly and you really don't need to spray much so that little bottle will last quite a while. I do intend to buy the full sized one later since per fl.oz it would be cheaper than buying each of these little one separately and then I'll just refill these little bottles when I need to travel. I'll be doing reviews on them too after I get my Naruko reviews out of the way. So much to review!!!

My body is strange. Some days it doesn't sweat at all, and some days I sweat like a pig, so I went ahead and picked up the clinical strength to make sure I don't soak up my poor shirts at the arm pitties area xD This scent smells SO GOOD O.O not to mention the extra clinical strength part totally works :) but it is more expensive than the regular deodorants. It costs $6 for half the amount you usually get for the other sticks at $3. The Bed Head Ego Boost is to help maintain my hair and help prevent split ends. So far so good actually. This got pretty good ratings but it's pricey at $15 =/ When I go into my next hair cut appointment at the end of the month, I'll see if my haircutter notices less split ends or not.

I heard from a youtuber that microfiber totally soaks up water more than a regular towel. Actually I first heard that for car washing lol, but I never thought to use it for my hair xD so I found this on sale at Ross and snatched it and it's so true. My long hair dried literally 2-3x faster. Sweet. lol. I also found no-name brand ones at the Dollar Tree if any of yall want to buy $1 microfiber hair wraps. I personally don't know if they work as good as this one or better or worse, but hey at $1, it's worth a shot right?

Dollar Tree loot. I was SO pleasantly surprised to find the Art Deco nail polishes there for just $1!! Usually these thin art nail polish liners cost $3-4. SUCH a steal. The CoverGirl eyeshadows were good too--had to pick them up. The color selection sucked but I got the last colors of the ones I have in the picture. My other nail buffer kind of wore out so I needed to get a new one. Didn't feel like paying $3 or so at CVS. $1 just sounds so great and is awesome lol. Yea I'm that cheap. Most people are like meh $3, but if I can save more money (but not too far out of my convenience to get), then I'll take it. That nailclipper isn't the greatest lol. Cuts just fine but so does not have that "catcher" thing to catch the nails you clip off. I wanted it to so I don't have to constantly hover over my trash can. O well, just a buck.

Hooray for nail polish! This duo was like $7 at Marshalls and usually these nail polishes run for $7-8 a pop. 2 for 1 price tag! They had other colors too but these blues intrigued me the most.

Okee dokee I shall be going to dinner now with parents and furniture shop.

See yall later! Will post another Naruko review tomorrow :)


Kalmo said...

Ohh awesome haul! My friend sent me the Benefit pack too, they are tiny but you only need a little bit for each application so even those tiny bottles will last a long time. ^^ I agree that one really needs to make sure their lips aren't chapped before applying though.

The primer is pricey but I've heard nothing but good things about MUFE so hopefully it works for you.

I love the Clinical strength and microfiber towels for hair too!

Great dollar tree haul! Can't wait to see some nail art in the future.

Kalmo said...

Wah also great job on getting the deal on Nicole polishes, those things are usually pricey like you said. :)

smilecusiluvu said...

I love that benefit trio! I had to go out and get it too and I am also enjoying it! you'll love mufe primer I have it in my makeup kit and its really good work for most skin type and most of my client

Anonymous said...

OMGGGG... $6?!?! Do you even know how much that costs over here in Canada?!?!?! It's like $8-12 depending on where you go... -.- Great haul though, I haven't seen a haul post in so long haha. Seems like everyone is out of it =P

Ahh do you know how much I would love to have you as a friend over here?!?! Car show buddy, person who I have lots of things in common with... danggggg it.

Wow you were on vacation? Sounds nice =) Where'd you go to? If you don't mind me asking.

Anonymous said...

Omg I JUST read all of your comments because for some reason it got cut off in the comment moderation section. I wondered why it looked cut off but never thought to go look at your comment directly under the post. Aw hun you are so super sweet. Thank you for leaving me with such loving comments..!!



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