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Product Review: Naruko Narcissus Total Defense AA Foaming Wash

Hey yall!

Back with a product review as promised :)

Super busy--just got back from work, but I got another shift coming up soon so I'm working on this inbetween.

I first heard about Naruko products from Fuzkittie and since the price was reasonable for the product, I thought to give it a try. I bought a LOT from them to try out so you'll definitely be seeing many more reviews on each product. Also if anyone is wondering why I'm reviewing these products individually rather than as a bundle in one post, it's because when people google up things, they put that specific product name they need and to have this individual post would help them find this review. I often research on products I want and have trouble finding the exact product I need because it's lost somewhere in a post--so I'm just writing this as how I'd like to find my product reviews. Hope yall don't mind! :)

Alright peoples lets get to the review!

The packaging is in a cardboard-ish box that you can re-make into something useful. They provide an instructions manual to reshape their boxes into things such as pencil holder, card holder, etc.

The squeeze tube itself is a pretty standard size. This is 120mL that you're getting, or in other words 4 fl oz. The tube is smooth but doesn't feel like that hard plastic that you get with lets say St.Ives tubes. I like the simplicity of it. It looks good but also not too girly so that males can use it too, for males that feel self-conscious about buying "female" products.


The plastic snap top is great, but I noticed that when you close it, it isn't as tight or secure as other snap-on tops, so I feel like this could be flipped open too easily. I don't mind it too much at all and I did travel with it and had no problem, but thought to mention that problem anyway

The product starts out fluffy and once you put water on it, I don't see it "thick" enough for my liking. When I wash my face, it was too thin. I like my cleansers to lather up enough. I mean, I have lathered it up more than what is seen in the pictures but it still isn't enough.

Here's the ingredients list for any of you who need to check for allergies :)

My thoughts:

This product isn't good but isn't bad. It didn't improve nor worsen my skin. At that price tag, I wouldn't repurchase, and even if it was just $5USD, I still wouldn't repurchase. I believe that's what Fuzkittie said too in her video. This product is rather ineffective. HOWEVER, for those of you with sensitive skin, perhaps this might actually clean your skin just fine. My skin is used to lots of prescription topicals and creams that are strong so this didn't do much for me. It does smell nice and the presentation and packaging is great, but I wouldn't recommend yall getting this unless yall are super curious.

Cost: 3/5 ($15USD is pricey to me)
Packaging: 3/5 (good and basic but nothing fancy)
Product itself: 2/5 (nothing good but nothing bad)
Overall rating: 2/5 (too inconvenient to get too! I don't see it in stores)

Hope this helps! I'll return with more Naruko product reviews among other brands and products. I've been saving up all the packaging in my room to take pics of the ingredients list and overall the packaging and my room is getting cluttered! haha. I must get these reviews done xD

See yall later :)


Wanted to show yall what the packaging looks like after you've followed the instructions to reconstruct it :)


I'll fill this up with little beads to make it into a brush holder! :D Then I'll reconstruct the other Naruko boxes to this same shape to get more brush holders side by side. whoot. The design looks nice too :)

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Kalmo said...

Oh thanks for the Naruko review, I've also been hearing about this from Fuzkittie too. Sorry to hear the cleanser was just so so, looks like I'll be skipping it. LOL I've been saving packaging too so I can review it! Bloggers thinks alike. I have their jelly but I'm not sure what to make of it yet, smells great though.


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