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Product Review: Naruko Total Defense Make-Up Removing Mousse

Back with another review :)

Description: Narcissus Total Defense Make-up Removing Mousse. This oil-based make-up remover transforms into foaming mousse instantly upon one pump. The rich foam rapidly dissolves dirt and make-up and deep cleans the pores. It contains narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin complex that revitalizes the skin. The residue-free formula leaves the skin soft, smooth, and clarified.

Alright let me go through that description and review each of what it claims:
  • Foams upon one pump: Yes.
  • Dissolves dirt and makeup: Yes. I use this only for my face when I use foundation. I did not test this on eye makeup because I use a separate makeup remover for that. I have not tested it on liquid foundation or BB cream. I've only used it on powder foundation, but I will update this once I test it out on the other liquid foundation/BB cream
  • Deep Cleans Pores: No. My pores don't look worse nor better. It does not have an effect, but I think it just maintains my current pores and cleans off the makeup
  • Revitalizes Skin: My skin does feel refreshed after mainly because the makeup is off, not necessarily because the Narcissus extract did anything, although it DOES smell VERY good, so the smell can sort of "revitalize" you so to speak.
  • Residue free: Yes.
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, and clarified: Sort of. I just feel "normal". My skin isn't that much softer or smoother. Just clean since it took off my makeup. If you wash your face and don't put on any moisturizer after, your skin WILL feel sort of tight, but nowhere near as tight-feeling as your skin would feel if you cleansed it with DHC Oil Cleanser.



I love the pump :)


I use 2 pumps to clean my face. I massage it all around and then rinse. I DO, however, use a separate cleanser AFTER using this one to make sure everything is clean.

I'll be creating an Ingredients List tab up at the top soon so they're easier to check when you want to purchase

My thoughts:

This is a great alternative for those who do not want to use a FULL oil-cleanser like the DHC Oil Cleanser. This does the job so far, and again like I said earlier, I do not know how well it takes off liquid/BB Cream foundation, but will update once I test that out. My DHC definitely takes off ANYTHING but is pricey and may be too oily for some (I like it though). I like how this foams up like a regular cleanser so it's not as messy as an oil cleanser and it smells GREAT. This is difficult to get a hold of since you have to buy it online if you do not have a retailer that sells this nearby. You get 150ml of product (5 fl.oz.). If you already have a good cheap makeup removing cleanser then you can skip out on this one. But for me, I will continue to purchase this once I run out. It doesn't have sulfur, which is important to me because I'm allergic to that, and a lot of Naruko products in general don't have sulfur, although some do.

Cost: $15.88 USD (9.98 GBP)
NOTE: I am not affiliated with beautyeshop. It's just where I buy my Naruko loot since I can't use the Taiwanese site. If you can read Taiwanese then buying from the actual website I think is cheaper :)

Packaging: 3/5 (love how you can recreate it to something useful since they give you instructions inside. This particular one reconstructs into a pencil box)
Cost: 3/5 ($15 to me ain't cheap!)
Product: 4/5 (works well, no complaints other than the slight tight feeling afterwards)
Overall: 4/5 (will update this to lower if it doesn't work with liquid/bb cream)
Repurchase: Yes

If any of yall have questions, please do let me know, or if I missed something in reviewing this.

Thank yall for reading! I'll be posting more tomorrow. I haven't quite decided yet what I want to post, though right now I feel like posting my nails lol. O well we'll see tomorrow :)

See yall later :)

*UPDATED 12/11/11*

This product won't take off my BB cream and foundation completely. I'll have to use my DHC oil cleanser to remove the rest. Bummer. Only buy this product if you use powder foundation lightly. If you pack on lots of powder, I'm not even sure if this will take it off. Since this is a cleanser geared towards removing makeup, I have to say it doesn't do its job well enough :( But if you arent wearing any makeup and want to use this as a regular cleanser, it is indeed gentle and will clean your skin just fine. Just don't expect any "squeeky clean" feeling.

Updated Ratings:

Packaging: 3/5 (love how you can recreate it to something useful since they give you instructions inside. This particular one reconstructs into a pencil box)
Cost: 3/5 ($15 to me ain't cheap!)
Product: 2/5
Overall: 3/5
Repurchase: NO. I changed from saying Yes to a No. With average results, not worth the money and inconvenience of obtaining this


smilecusiluvu said...

aI love oil cleanser and was looking for another one! I'll def give this one a try once I run out!

cushy said...

thanks for the honest review. i'm into cleansing oil. looking forward to your updates on this product

smilecusiluvu said...

wow What a small world! Ive been friends with hong since we were little i was actually going to meet her up tomorrow! we should so meet or something I love meeting bloggers on line your the second one that I've found that went to UH! =p look me up on facebook quynh-lan Nguyen I'm her friend!

Kalmo said...

Thanks for the thorough and informative review. I like DHC too! I'm too cheap to buy it now haha and use a cheaper one from sasa now.

All the naruko stuff smells great, one of my favorite things. It's great that you found a makeup remover you like and will continue buying. :)

I wish I could use the Taiwanese site too, I think it is cheaper but shipping is very high anyways.

Thanks again for the award, I will get around to posting about it and thanking you on my blog as well.


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