Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Back and Summer To Do Goals

Hey yall :)

No excuses again--I've just been unmotivated and lazy, but blogging mood has kicked in again :D I'm on vacation right now so I don't have my regular PC to use photoshop to watermark my pictures, but I'll do reviews when I get home :) I'll be doing Naruko product reviews since that's what I've been using. I have good and bad thoughts on it so I mean it's not ALLLL good, but hey, at least they didn't make me break out.

Anyway, I plan on making some pages up at the top, inspired by Natikiru, such as a Bucket List, About Me, etc, and I'll put up a specific page for ingredients lists of products because I know people like me who have allergies need to see the list and some of the ingredients lists for Asian products are difficult to find.

Oh, and my birthday was on June 21 :D I am officially 21 whooooot!!! 21 on the 21st baby. Awesome ;) And no I didn't get wasted or anything =P xD lol. I'm not much of a crazy person haha so I played it safe while drinking.


While on vacation, I just went on a shopping spree the other day at H&M since I don't have it in Houston, TX T.T... I absolutely LOVE H&M...I wish I had one here D: I mean this shopping spree isn't much probably to yall but I usually don't buy much if any at all when I go shopping. I'll definitely show yall later what I got in pictures :) What I purchased was: pastel pink shirt with a bow that you tie around the neck area since it's more of a boat-neck style, then I bought a black trench coat, small black cross-body strapped purse, small metallic golden braided belt, pastel purple shirt with chiffon fluttery short sleeves, and lastly an olive green silky-feeling shirt with a tie/sash around the waist. I spent about $130 on myself xD

And then I got one of my best friends a gift from there too :) Something she's been dying to have. I know she'll be thrilled :D Her birthday is next month

Oh and while I'm on the topic of shopping, I did make a purchase on Zipia a few weeks ago and I need to show yall everything and review them too.


Last summer I made a to-do list and did not accomplish most of them so I really feel like I should kick myself and get these done this summer. I really don't have forever. I'm graduating next spring and I feel like once I get a job, I won't have the pleasure of a giant summer vacation to learn new things and enjoy many other things. So, without further adieu, this is what I'm planning on finishing this summer:

  1. Finish reading Ender's Shadow (I'm SO late on reading this book -_-. I only went up to chapter 6 last summer and put down the book for who knows what reason. It certainly is a nice book)

  2. Finish reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov and begin reading the rest of his Foundation series. I was recommended this and I have read Nightfall from Asimov in high school and loved it so I feel like I'd enjoy reading his other books as well.

  3. Learn to use the sewing machine. I need to hem a dress and size down another dress and I SO need to make use of that sewing machine. I really think this could turn into a fun, but challenging, and also very healthy and useful hobby rather than stuff my face at the computer screen. I'm just an impatient person so I'm always scared to start learning how to sew using the machine. I can sew by hand just fine though.

  4. Clean my room. Sounds simple but my room is a challenge xD lol. I have a lot of clothes that I have no idea where to store. I'm sure I can put them somewhere but my closet is getting a tad too packed. I want to donate the ones I know for sure I don't use anymore, but....I just can't part ways with those items T.T it's so hard, especially the ones I know I used so often long time ago. The ones I need to get rid of badly are a lot of the tank top ones as well as the baby-doll shirts and tanks because they make you look preggers--well not all--some are quite flattering, but the ones I have aren't that lol. I'm thinking of selling some here on my blog because a lot of them are in still good condition, but I just don't know how to go about selling them xD I've never done that kind of thing before. Oh and figuring out whether to throw away my school notes or not is hard so I have tons of papers all over the floor @_@

  5. Begin and continue eating at least one piece of fruit a day and salads each week and drink water. I need to be healthy, especially after eating Chick-Fil-A almost each day for several years here at my university x.x My skin isn't too happy with the unhealthiness so I need to eat them veggies and drink lots of water.

  6. Jog once a week. I'm SO lazy with exercising and I wanted to make it a goal to be able to run a mile by the end of this summer when I return back to school to use the school gym.

  7. Keep calm, trust, be logical, and have confidence. This will be the most challenging for me. I freak out over the dumbest things, make unreasonable assumptions/jump to conclusions, make ridiculous accusations as well as not use my brain. I know that sounds nuts to not use your brain but really, I don't have too much confidence in my intelligence. I see all around me my Asian fellows making straight A's and in high school I was never in those AP/IB classes (because my mom forbid me to because she didn't think I was smart enough) and so with all that negativity put on me, as well as the lack of challenging classes and situations, my brain certainly hasn't been exercised enough. I know I'm not dumb. I'm just not confident. I know if I just believe in myself and kick out those "you're a failure" or "you're not smart enough" words that were thrown to me all my life, I really could get those straight A's and learn a lot.

  8. Speak Up. I have an awful habit of not speaking up for what I want. In the long-time-ago past, I've always said "o whatever you want to do" or just not say anything at all if I want to do something as simple as walking into a store in the mall while with my friends. My mom has taught me since I was little to not be greedy, selfish, a show off, etc, so then now I get stepped on all over, get used, and feel deprived because I feel too guilty to ask for what I need and want. I get scared of people's opinions if I speak up for what I want, but now I know, no one will ever know what I need to provide it if I stay silent. I need to believe and know that I deserve those things. I shouldn't deprive myself into misery anymore.

  9. Blog more often. Again, inspired by Natikiru. I love how personal and deep her posts are, and I truly appreciate all the effort she puts into her reviews. Her reviews are NEVER half-assed. Very thorough and very honest. Love that girl. And reading her blog really inspired me to get back to blogging and overall being a better person as well as seeing life in a new and positive light.

  10. Hang out with Mom. I feel guilty about this one. She drives me nuts most of the time and makes me severely depressed, but I know she wants to hang out with me. We used to hang out much more often but now its nonexistent. I should take her out to lunch and go shopping with her sometime because I know it'd make her really happy and a lot less lonely. She puts up with my crap but gives a lot to me, and I feel like despite feeling pretty much miserable around her (and that isn't meant as an insult--I just mentally cannot absorb any more negativity thrown at me by her), I should suck it up here and there to give to her.

When I come back home this weekend, I shall begin posting again :)

See yall later!


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