Saturday, December 29, 2012

Polka Dots

So last night I wore this dress with some leggings to my cousin's house for a belated Christmas party. I love the polka dots! They're so cute and girly.


See yall later

Fail Glasses

So I bought a pair of glasses (paid $10 for thinner lenses because I was required to and paid $7 for shipping and got the glasses for free) and thought they would look good on me but the don't.

Note: I purchased this on my own. I was not sponsored by

Anyway, yea, I bought them from, and I have to say the quality of the glasses is great and the lenses are just fine. Even though they have a virtual-trying-on-glasses feature, it's still hard to determine what looks good on you. Based on the virtual picture, I looked decent in them, but when I got them in the mail and tried them on, they were just bigger than I imagined and look heavy on my face as you can see from the below photo. I am disappointed in my selection. Oh well, they were only about $17 total. Not too much damage to my wallet. I suppose I'll just wear this around the house. I'm wearing them as I type this up.


If yall are ok with selecting frames online, then definitely is good. They give you your first pair of glasses for free. My glasses in particular only costs $8 if I were to buy it myself instead of having it free so this website goes for pretty cheap, but they also have $20-40 glasses too.

Goodluck and if yall order a pair, let me know in the comments whether it worked out for you and link me to your blog post about it!

See yall later!

Friday, December 14, 2012 Free Glasses for First Time Customers

So I stumbled upon from a blogger named rolala loves and the glasses seem pretty nice on the website. I ordered mine today. I used the virtual picture trying on glasses tool to see what i'd look like with the glasses on. I guess I picked the best one I could find, though I still don't think I look REALLY good in it. I just hope its at least decent like the picture when I get it in person--bonus if it looks better in person. But here's a photo of me "trying on" the glasses:


I know it doesn't look THAT great on me but it was the only one that didn't make me look ugly xD and hey it was a free pair of glasses. Though I did have to pay $9.95 for thinner lenses because at my degree -6.25, they don't have regular free lenses for them. Shipping was $6.95 I believe, so I got a pair of glasses for a total of $17.xx after discounting the $8 glasses that I got for free for being a first time customer. I believe this site ships worldwide so anybody can get it at a cheap rate.

Happy shopping guys! Maybe you can find your next pair of glasses on that website!

See yall later

Thursday, December 13, 2012




 I went to First Colony mall yesterday with my mom and bought a new Victoria's Secret bra along with a new dress. Top is from Forever21. Pants are from Charlotte Russe in my recent Haul video





See yall later!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB Cream Review

Lunch with the Guys

Went out with two of my guyfriends for lunch and didn't wear anything too fancy but thought to share with yall what I wore anyway



yea very simple. blouse and jeans xD

the blouse is from and the jeans are from a random vendor in Vietnam

see yall later!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Out of Shape

If you don't want to listen to me whine then go ahead and X out of this post. Thanks

So I've been trying to diet for the past few months and I managed to lose about 3lbs and lost 1 inch off my waist. But then I went on vacation for the last 2.5 weeks and gained it all back .__.

Back in 8th grade, which was SO many years ago, I used to exercise 6 days a week and do it easily too. I don't know what happened to my metabolism to make me gain like 7lbs. I know I ate poorly when I was in my apartment but even then, I used to eat whatever I wanted back then and still not gain weight. But to be fair, right now I'm getting ZERO exercise. Not one bit. And I probably should make it my new years resolution to lose some weight and hit the gym.

The problem? No motivation. I can't seem to push myself to run even around my neighborhood. I feel like I'm stuck. I need to exercise to make my depression and anxiety better, but then I'm too depressed and anxious to go to the gym. Mainly lazy and sluggish. I feel like I can't get out of bed sometimes =/

How do you people do it? How do you get out of bed and motivate yourself to do things? I don't have much passion for anything anymore. I don't know whether it's the medication I'm on that's causing my numbness or whether I really just lost a passion for life. Or maybe it's both.

Whatever it is, I need to figure out this motivation business and get myself off my ass and up and running, literally. Being stuck in this slump is awful.

I guess that's all. Thanks for anybody who read this

See yall later

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brown Eyes

I'm using my Lavshuca palette that I've shown before on my blog not too long ago. It's a brown neutral palette that will go with anything.

Last post was from yesterday and this one is from today




Sorry, photobucket is being weird again and the pictures are coming out too big and unedited. ill see if i can correct this once i get home from my Atlanta vacation. This is what happens when I don't use the proper Adobe Photoshop to watermark and edit. Photobucket's "photoshop studio" is really stupid

anyway, i hope everybody is doing well. see yall later!

Gone to Atlanta

I'm here with an FOTD :) Not often I do these but yesterday I flew to Atlanta and wanted to look nice so I dressed up! People usually look frumpy when they fly on the airplane but I wanted to fly in style haha xD




K the pictures in photobucket aren't cooperating with me and are turning out much bigger than I thought -_-

Anyway, I used the Lunasol EX-02 Vacation Ocean Eyes Palette to do this look

Hope yall like it! See yall later~

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Silk Whitia Quick Action Moisture Mask Review

Hi there!

I'm about to go on vacation to Atlanta today and thought to do a review before I go.

This review is over my beloved Silk Whitia Quick Action Moisture Mask. You can already tell I love it xD





My Thoughts:

This quickly moisturizes your face as it claims in the name. The sheet mask itself its a bit small for me. The lip hole for me is too small but the rest is nice. They give you a lot of essence in Silk Whitia masks in general. I take the extra and put it under the mask to add to it. This doesn't claim to whiten but my face looks "brighter" after using it. It feels nice and does the job. I highly recommend this for any skin type(including acne prone) that wants a quick pick me up and wants to moisturize your face. It's truly great. You can find this at

Rating: 5/5
Cost: $16 for 5 sheets but you can get it when it's BOGO like me
Where to buy:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

VIctoria's Secret Fashion Show has THREE Asians! Whoo!

Hooray for finally representing Asians at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! I know last year they had Liu Wen and Sui He but this time they added a third! How exciting!

Right now I'm obsessing over Sui He. She's GORGEOUS. I hope they make her an Angel at some point because VS needs an Asian model!

So here are the three models:

Sui He
Photocredit: The Fashion Spot

Shu Pei Qin
Photocredit: The Fashion Spot

Liu Wen
Photocredit: The Fashion Spot

I think Sui He looks the best out of all of them in my personal opinion but then again I'm biased towards her lol

Whee so excited for Asian models! 

Are yall gonna watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? I am!

See yall later~

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crepes and Burgers

Went out with some friends to Hubcap Grill in Downtown on Prairie St and to Sweet Paris on Rice Blvd

I got myself a Bacon Cheeseburger. Hubcap Grill says its 1/3lb of meat but really its 1/2 pound you're getting because what I got was certainly more than 1/3 lb. It was filling. A little too filling.



That's all folks. Just some mini food porn for yall

See yall later!

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Hungry Asian Custom Nail Polish

So there's this wonderful nail polish blogger named The Hungry Asian and she always has pictures up of her latest nails. She also SELLS nail polish that she makes! So long time ago I did a post about my nails called Strawberries and Sprinkles and I ran out of that pink nail polish that you see in that link there. The color is no longer made so I was sad. I asked the Hungry Asian to make a dupe for me and she did it as closely as possible. It isn't the same color but it's pretty close! What she made was a peachy pink color which I find very pretty whereas my old nail polish had more sparkles and leans more pink. Nevertheless I'm satisfied with what she gave and I'm here to share with yall the custom color she named after me "IchigoBunnie"




Even though it's Fall time and this is a summertime color, I thought to wear it anyway because I couldn't resist. Also it's pretty much still summer weather here in Houston, TX anyway so I can get away with it lol

I also wonder if anybody really reads my blog =/ I feel like I'm blogging and blogging and I don't even know if my review helps someone out there or not. Hope it does though

Hope everybody is doing well :)

See yall later!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Beauty Diary Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask Review

Hey yall :)

Gonna be reviewing a sheet mask today!

I bought this LONG time ago but never got around to reviewing it. But finally I'm reviewing it lol

Hope it helps some one out there :)



My Thoughts:

This seems like a basic sheet mask. Nothing special but nothing bad. It moisturizes your face but not to the degree that Silk Whitia sheet masks moisturize. Overall it's good for people new to sheet masks. It smells like cherry blossoms or some kind of floral scent, so those who are nose sensitive may not enjoy this mask. I still like the mask and used up my entire box of 10 sheet masks. It fits my face fairly well, at least better than the Silk Whitia masks. My skin feels moisturized after, but not super moisturized if you know what I mean. I feel like this mask could do more but it doesn't =/

Rating: 3.5/5 above average but nothing special that makes it stand out

See yall later!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hard Candy Ginormous Lashes Mascara Review

Hey yall!

Another mascara review for yall as yall can probably tell from the title.



Bought this mascara long long time ago from Walmart for about $6. 

Curl: This doesn't keep my eyelashes curled after curling them with an eyelash curler

Length: This gives minimal length if any at all

Volume: Ginormous lashes? Um, I don't think so lol. This gives natural lashes to my Asian eyelashes

Rating: 1/5

Overall I was disappointed in this product since I saw some good reviews for it beforehand, but I should've known better that it wouldn't work for my stubborn straight thin eyelashes

Hope this review helps someone!

See yall later~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes in BR-2 and Kate Rouge HG Lipstick in BE-35

Hey yall!

I finally got my package in the mail! I'm excited. I got two things as you can tell in the title.

Isn't the packaging lovely? The Kate lipstick comes in a metal tube so it's super sturdy!

Here are the products opened. Ah so awesome

Here is the lipstick on my lips. You can see it's a beige milk tea kind of color. Very pretty!

That's all folks

See yall later!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cover Girl Lash Exact Waterproof Product Review

Hey yall :)

I'm back with a review! As the title says, you can already tell what this review is over.

Sorry for the blurriness. My camera decided to focus on the carpet rather than the brush -_- but they're plastic bristles as yall probably already know


My Thoughts:

Curl: This definitely holds a curl. It never droops my eyelashes no matter how many coats I put on

Volume: This has zero volume. It makes your eyelashes look natural

Length: This barely adds length but there is some at least

Separation: This separates quite well. I never had problems with clumping

Hope this helps some of you. Let me know if yall have any questions :)

See yall later

Sunday, October 21, 2012

missnatalie mail package

Hey yall!

A while ago me and missnatalie were trading packages to each other, but we figured that we didnt know what else to give to each other for the long run, so this is the last package from missnatalie :)

Thank you so much missnatalie for sending out the package to me. I appreciate it so much. You gave more than I gave you! I feel awful! I wish I had given you much more than I did.


She gave me:

  • Nivea Lip Smoothie chaptsticks
  • mascara eye guard
  • Darkness falsies
  • various sheet masks that look so delicious
  • my favorite green tea
  • lotion
  • Lancome blush
  • Revlon nail polish
  • Shiseido samples
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love them all!

I'll see yall later :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Super Lash by Apple Cosmetics Mascara Review


This is what the mascara looks like on my eyelashes

Hope yall found the review helpful

See yall later!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing With Makeup

Was bored at home so I played with some makeup. It's the same makeup as in my profile picture.
I also made a youtube video which I'll post up once it's done uploading :)




See yall later!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Top Ten Products I Use

Hope yall enjoy! I'll be doing reviews of most of the products in this video later

See yall later!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pop of Red

Hey yall :)

Here's an OOTD except it was yesterday lol



Blazer: H&M
Blouse: Forever21
Shorts: Forever21

See yall later :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mani Pedi Day Outfit and Nails

So yesterday I went to the Galleria Mall with my sister to go to California Nails by Nordstrom to get our nails done.

This is the outfit I wore along with my nails:





Top: Forever21
Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes: Nine West
Nails: Chanel Nail Polish

See yall later!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara Review

Hey yall, back with another review. This time it's not on Youtube because I don't have the mascara with me since I threw it away a while ago already.

Hope yall find this helpful

The packaging is unique. The tube is in the shape of a telescope. Kind of cute lol

The wand is a plastic applicator with 4 sides of a comb to it

My Thoughts:

Length: This lengthens a lot! I had a sales associate ask me if I was wearing false eyelashes!

Curl: This DECURLS my lashes! The formula is wet so it drooped my eyelashes =/ Try this if you already have curly eyelashes. But if you have stick straight Asian eyelashes like mine, this will de-curl them.

Volume: This clumps so the volume technically is there but with a price to pay

Overall this mascara is below average because 2 out of the 3 factors of a mascara were bad on this one. I wouldn't repurchase and I kind of regret purchasing it in the first place. I just remember seeing NessasaryMakeup blog wear it and her lashes looked amazing but it didnt work for me =/

Hope this was helpful to yall!

See yall later~


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