Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Naruko Majoram and Lavendar Brightening Eye Cream Product Review

Hey yall :)

I'm back with a review!

Last year I ordered a wad of Naruko products since that was the *it* thing to try out. And I'm now just getting to reviewing them xD. I have already reviewed the Naruko Total Defense Make-Up Removing Mousse which you can click HERE to check it out and I reviewed Naruko Narcissus Total Defense AA Foaming Wash which you can click HERE to see it.

I've been on the search for good eye cream and so far I haven't found any perfect ones to brighten my dark circles. I don't have too much of a problem with dryness under my eyes but I still like to keep them moisturized to prevent wrinkles in the future. Sooo lets see if this product lived up to its "brightening eye cream" label.

I like the simple packaging. It's slim and lightweight so that you can slip this in any travel back for your skincare

Hygienic squeeze tip :) I never over-dispense the product since the tip gives good control

Here are the ingredients list :)

And this is what it looks like of course after you squeeze some out

My thoughts:

I have not seen any brightening effects on my dark circles. I have seen reviews before how this has worked well, but maybe my dark circles are stubborn. However, it does provide just enough moisture for my eyes. It absorbs easily and quickly, and spreads easily as well. It isn't thick, but is still creamy. This is a good eye cream for everyday moisturizing under the eyes, but don't get your hopes up to get rid of your dark circles. Because this product is so hard to obtain (I have to get it online), I don't find this product worth repurchasing because I know there are other drugstore eye creams that can moisturize just the same as this. And btw, if you have really dry undereyes, this will definitely *not* moisturize enough for you. I have combination oily skin and this moisturizes just right for me.

I will use it up for now, as it is still a pretty good eye cream, but once I'm done with it, which I actually am quite near the end of the tube, I'll move on to test the Magnolia brightening and firming eye cream in the pot.

I know usually my reviews are more in depth than this but there really wasn't much else to say other than getting to the point that this doesn't live up to its name.

Cost: $16USD
Overall Product Rating: 3/5 (wasn't outstanding, but still is good enough because it moisturizes)
Repurchase: No

I really had hopes for this product :( and overall a lot of Naruko products haven't worked miracles on me like it has for most other people; so my overall thoughts are that if you have problematic skin like me, where you have tons of acne problems, stubborn scars and hyperpigmentation, then these products won't make a drastic change. I think this entire line will do well for those with more normal skin.

Hope that helps yall :)

See yall later!


Anonymous said...

I don't believe any eye cream could ever get rid of dark circles, and any brightening effects are only anything but temporary. Yup, I've totally given up on those types of eyecreams haha. I've always admired how Americans can get free shipping online more easily than Cdns. Most of the time we need to buy a lot before we could get free shipping... otherwise the shipping is crazy expensive. Though I did see Naruko being sold at my local Asian grocery store! I wanted to try out a serum since it's relatively inexpensive compared to other ones out there. Won't do it until I finish my Dior one though :D

Oh and you should definitely not miss this years Sephora gift! I feel so bad you missed other years! I simply just go up to the cashier and say that I'm here to pick up my Sephora birthday gift, simple as that! They'll take your Sephora card and check their system to confirm it's your birth month. You have two weeks before and after your birthday to claim your gift. They'll send you an email to remind you too. Fresh lip balms are so good! I'm sure you'll love it!

Kalmo said...

Thanks for the eye cream review, I have dark circles too and not many products work. Sorry to hear the Naruko one is just OK. Yeah, I have one of their brightening gelly and it's fine but not something I would repurchase. They smell great though and love the packaging. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh don't get me wrong! I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with typing your thoughts out directly, I think it adds character actually =) I just want to improve on my writing since I haven't taken an English course since high school AND I'm out of school now so no more essays or assignments for me for a while =)

I love the look of sweater dresses too! But I can't pull them off for the love of me... don't have the nice line of body for it heh. But I can totally see why you would! You have a nice body shape- I envy! Ah it's so cold where I am. The summer sun sounds so nice right about now.
I actually didn't get those bowls from Dollarama, I just thought they were a neat find (no room!).
I'm thinking the mirror box was for jewellery, it was lined with velvet, though there were no compartments inside. It was cheap too! Under $20! Too bad I didn't have room to spare.
And cups are the bomb haha. I once found a coke can cup- literally a cup in the shape of a coke can! I gave it to my ex though when we were still together... I regret it to this day hahaha!

Penelope said...

Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to try out Naruko products too and am desperate to find a really great dark circle reducing eye cream. Sadly, I've tried so many brands and none really work!

Anonymous said...

Oh haha, no need to apologize! Your comment wasn't the only one that mentioned that goal so I thought it'd be better to clarify to others just in case they thought of something else (you know, passerbyers and new subbies and all). Hm FOTDs, that's a great goal that didn't come to mind. The only thing is I haven't mastered how to capture it well on camera. I like subtle makeup and it never seems to show -.- Hopefully I'll be able to do that too, thanks for the great suggestion!

Popcorn said...

awww, too bad it doesn't really work. :( I guess I will just pass on this item. Thxs for the review.

Anonymous said...

Wow! If you got that blazer back in the summer that means we Cdns sure get things late!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to say... you should totally wear bright coloured heels or shoes! It would look SO good on you! Do it! Do it! =D Screw the world and quit being so shy! You would look killer and stand out in a good way ;)


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