Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Gray Dress (nope not black!)

I think every girl needs that one sexy dress they can depend on for a girl's night out or clubbing or something. In this case I went out with friends at Ra Sushi in City Centre in Houston, TX and my gal pal dressed up so she encouraged me to dress up too. This was a while back during winter break lol, but I'm finally getting around to posting it up xD

Some may see this dress as too tight and slutty. I don't really care, that's you're opinion. I however love that this makes me feel sexy. It isn't too short at all; it's just tight.




Dress was bought from GUESS in Memorial City Mall

Link me to any of yall's dress posts! :) Do yall have that one dress that makes you feel sexy and it's your go-to dress?

See yall later!


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous in that dress! And yes, you that coupon site is definitely US based. Omg there was a black and white gameboy? I have a gameboy color too- no wonder it's called color haha. And THANK YOU! Using and bringing along a coin would be so much easier than a screwdriver! Great idea =)

Oh, I also sent you an email- the email that's indicated on your FB (didn't know if you got it or not). You can reply back with whatever email you prefer.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Read the rest of your comment because it got cut off until I published it lol (hate that Blogger does that). Steak is very easy to make my dear! We just use a pre-made seasoning, it's the way you cook it that makes the difference.

When we have it again, I'll try to take pictures! =)


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