Thursday, February 2, 2012

Product Review: Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel

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Told ya I'd be back with a review soon =P

I originally heard of this product from RAEview on youtube and since it worked for her boyfriend, I wanted to give it a try.

Just as a reminder and reference, I have combination oily and HEAVILY acne-prone skin that's easily irritated so this product MAY work for you if your skin condition isn't as nuts as mine. *EDIT* and just as a reminder for new readers/viewers, I am heavily allergic to Sulfur, Sulfate, Sulfite, etc, so all products I review will be sulfur-free

Lets get to the review!



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My Thoughts:

The packaging is simple and pretty effective in terms of traveling. It isn't big and it won't spill around when you have the cap on. However when you press down on the nozzle to dispense the product, it isn't a smooth pump. Sometimes too much comes out. Usually it gives one full pump when perhaps one day you just need half pump. That part bothers me. Also it's a glass bottle so it may break, but I have dropped it on the floor before and it didn't crack on me.

This product overall was moderately effective. Some days it worked, some days not. The area that it helped was around my chin and jawline, but for some reason it didn't do much for my face :( I know in my last post my skin looks clear but I have foundation on to cover the acne and acne scars. ( I DO however have a product that DOES work that I will review later that made me get rid of majority of my acne in just 2 weeks! Drugstore item too so affordable. Look out for that review! :D ) Anyway, Sephora has a good return policy. I used this for two full months and half the bottle was gone, and they took it back.

Would I recommend yall to try it? Yes give it a shot, if not you can always return it if you have a Sephora nearby/its convenient for you. I, however, will not be repurchasing this item. It's expensive at like...$30-something bucks--I forgot, but it certainly was above $20 and that's expensive.

Overall: 2/5
Price: 5/5 (expensive!)
Packaging: 2/5 (good bottle, bad pump)
Repurchase? No

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cushy said...

ah....waiting for your drugstore anti-acne potion.


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