Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clear Skin and Water

After Spring Break back in March, I realized that the one common thing that clear-skinned people have in common, OTHER than genetics if they're the lucky ones, is WATER.




My friend whom you've seen on this blog, remember her? She drinks MANY bottles of waters a day. Before she goes out to hang with our group, her mom makes her drink a bottle of water. When she's with us, she carries a bottle of water. She drinks water ALL the time. 

Either that or tea will do. Tea is obviously tons of water. So those who drink tea is again, consuming WATER. 

Everyone always stresses to drink water but I don't think people realize it is THE SECRET for clear skin. 

Before spring break I had LOTS of acne. I drank LOTS of water during spring break because I was on vacation and didn't have access to juice and milk, and guess what. One week later MORE than half of my acne was GONE. I even ate unhealthy food--BUT drank water water water. I must have drank the 8 cups of water that I need each day--if not more!

With the remaining acne on my face I used my Clean and Clear Persagel 10, but I continued to drink water and havent had a pimple in a freakin long time. 

It has only been recent that I've been so busy with school that I just eat whatever is in the fridge and forgot to drink my water and guess what. I have a lovely huge pimple on my forehead AND small little ones forming on my cheek--JUST because I didn't drink water. Can you believe that?

So girls, DRINK UP YOUR WATER. I promise you you'll see a difference in your skin. Forget the magic creams and such. Beauty comes from what you put in your body!

Happy drinking! (WATER lol)

See yall later

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Isabel said...

Just downed a bottle after reading this hahahhaa


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