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TWO BAD EBAYER SELLERS: AlphaBeautyUK and barbiendolly and RANT about a Youtuber

As the title states, I'll be pretty much laying out the facts, and nothing but the facts so yall can be well informed.


I first heard about this seller from a blogger named Lotus Palace, who recommends this seller. She always gets her items and I also saw other bloggers recommend this seller as well. But what happened to me was different.

I bought about $5 worth of samples of the Lunasol Water Cream Foundation. Just $5. And the seller had the nerve to NOT send me what I bought. I messaged him/her and NO RESPONSE. I message AGAIN and NO RESPONSE.

Then even BETTER, the seller CANCELS the order so that it ISNT ON MY RECORD. Because of that, I am unable to give them a bad review for not sending the item!

I sent another message saying that I will post this on my blog about what happened to let everybody know that they stole money from me. NO RESPONSE.

Ladies and gentleman, I am truly glad if you have received good service from this seller, but as for me, even though it was JUST $5, still, that's the point. Who the hell STEALS FIVE BUCKS?? Are you that greedy??

Next ebayer.


I recently bought Liz Lisa Lena lace up boots from her. I'm sure yall may know what those look like because they're rather popular from Liz Lisa; if not you can google up.

What happened was that they arrived 2 weeks late and the seller had the NERVE to send me a USED PERFUME in a BROKEN BOX as their "sorry for sending it late". I messaged the seller beforehand saying the package is late, but they told me they will send me a "free gift". So I thought oh ok they're being sweet, trying to catch up on sending out packages. I thought, maybe I shouldn't be mean to them. But once I opened up the package to see I got that used perfume, I was like

So far I've sent another email to this seller stating I am unsatisfied with my purchase as courtesy to not give out a negative review until I try to sort this out with them first. This seller usually takes one week or more to respond to your messages. If you're an ebay seller, you need to check your messages daily if you're going to be serious about selling--otherwise you shouldn't be a seller. There are customers waiting for their packages and again, sending a used perfume as a lame sorry just doesn't cut it--it's an insult!

I'll update yall with what their response is whenever they get back to me, which is hopefully SOON.

Also, although this is probably not the seller's fault, I just needed to make a note that the boots arrived unlaced and where there's a zipper to help your foot slip in, there was no slit to help my foot go in. I had to cut it open myself on the right shoe whereas the left shoe was properly done. The seller should be honest and say the manufacturer makes it come as unlaced because I thought they'd come laced like any other pair of shoes.

Now for the youtuber.

Yall know I only barely started up my youtube. I'm NOT here to make money. I'm NOT here to be the most popular youtuber ever. I'm freakin here to HELP PEOPLE. I dont' get jack shit out of running this blog and doing youtube. In fact it takes up a LOT of my time to do them and I do it genuinely.

But you know what happened?

Copy.Paste here:

please subscribe to my channel and comment

no offense, but i find it very rude of you to comment on my channel to advertise yourself and ask for subscribing and commenting. you will not be getting any subscriptions from me nor comments because of this. im sorry

no worries honey, ur video has 31 views :D and mine has over 180 :D so best luck

this is not a competition bitch. i'm here to help others out, not get views to get money like what you're trying to do. don't brag here on my channel. some people like you shouldn't be on youtube! i'm glad you're commenting so people WONT subscribe to you from my channel!

well i'm glad ure showing ur real face, in case u didnt know bitch is a bad word, go tell that to your parents. ... and who are you to judge who should be or who should not be on youtube... and so demanding of you telling your subscribers (if you even have any ) what to do. hahaha

Can you believe that? Competing against my really pathetic youtube channel? I JUST started. Come on give me a BREAK. Don't even visit that bitch's channel or videos. Don't subscribe. Don't do anything. That bitch thinks she's better than me because she has more views. Well so flipping what? 31 views means I helped 31 people and that means something to me.

I think starting youtube was a bad idea. I KNEW this would happen, but just not THIS early. I know haters will hate, and there will be bitches out there. Again, I just didn't think it'd be this SOON. I'll continue making videos but to be honest, like the quote says , if you can't handle the heat, don't be in the kitchen, or something of that sort. And really, maybe I'm not made out to handle that kind of thing no matter how small.

My mistake to respond at all in the first place--yes I realize that. Maybe I should just delete the entire quarrel on my youtube altogether and move on. I'm just appalled I got haters this early

edit: I removed all the comments so I can move on. I should be more mature than this myself.

This is a lame world.


Wida said...

Oh hun, don't let her get to you. This is partially why I don't want a YouTube. So much drama and silly people in the world.

I hope you're better now, and don't let the negative energy win!

Missing Amsie Blog

Joseibi said...

First, you are beautiful! :)

Second, I bought from alphabeautyuk many times, didn't have a bad experience, but I do understand sometimes when a seller fails it's frustrating, especially when it comes to some of the mass-volume sellers who don't even take the time to answer your questions and rather just avoid you and ignore you. It's definitely not good service.

Third - I understand your pain about the youtube thing. I generally find the internet a pretty nasty place when it comes to comments - you can even say something nice and have people ready to pick every little word you wrote apart. It's just a nasty, nasty place. I am sorry you had to experience that comment - I had some that came to self-promote on my blog and hijack my readers from time to time. It is frustrating because you take the time to post things. Reviews and such take time to write.

Anyway, I do hope that you don't let those bastards get you down though! I generally stay away from comments (reading and writing) but sometimes I do hope that my words are of help to someone who is going through the same crap I endured before.

Nathus Dorkus said...

Wow, I'm really surprised! I've used AlphaBeautyUK a few times now, got an order with them at the moment, and have never had a problem.
It's a real shame that they treated you badly like that.


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