Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Silk Whitia Quick Action Moisture Mask Review

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I'm about to go on vacation to Atlanta today and thought to do a review before I go.

This review is over my beloved Silk Whitia Quick Action Moisture Mask. You can already tell I love it xD





My Thoughts:

This quickly moisturizes your face as it claims in the name. The sheet mask itself its a bit small for me. The lip hole for me is too small but the rest is nice. They give you a lot of essence in Silk Whitia masks in general. I take the extra and put it under the mask to add to it. This doesn't claim to whiten but my face looks "brighter" after using it. It feels nice and does the job. I highly recommend this for any skin type(including acne prone) that wants a quick pick me up and wants to moisturize your face. It's truly great. You can find this at

Rating: 5/5
Cost: $16 for 5 sheets but you can get it when it's BOGO like me
Where to buy:

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