Monday, November 5, 2012

The Hungry Asian Custom Nail Polish

So there's this wonderful nail polish blogger named The Hungry Asian and she always has pictures up of her latest nails. She also SELLS nail polish that she makes! So long time ago I did a post about my nails called Strawberries and Sprinkles and I ran out of that pink nail polish that you see in that link there. The color is no longer made so I was sad. I asked the Hungry Asian to make a dupe for me and she did it as closely as possible. It isn't the same color but it's pretty close! What she made was a peachy pink color which I find very pretty whereas my old nail polish had more sparkles and leans more pink. Nevertheless I'm satisfied with what she gave and I'm here to share with yall the custom color she named after me "IchigoBunnie"




Even though it's Fall time and this is a summertime color, I thought to wear it anyway because I couldn't resist. Also it's pretty much still summer weather here in Houston, TX anyway so I can get away with it lol

I also wonder if anybody really reads my blog =/ I feel like I'm blogging and blogging and I don't even know if my review helps someone out there or not. Hope it does though

Hope everybody is doing well :)

See yall later!


miemiemie said...

I still read your blog, even if i don't update mine :) nice shade! it is more of a spring color but its still pretty

Izzy said...

wow she actually makes nps? that's pretty impressive haha. the colour looks really pretty! and yes I am still reading your blog! :)


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