Saturday, November 10, 2012

VIctoria's Secret Fashion Show has THREE Asians! Whoo!

Hooray for finally representing Asians at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! I know last year they had Liu Wen and Sui He but this time they added a third! How exciting!

Right now I'm obsessing over Sui He. She's GORGEOUS. I hope they make her an Angel at some point because VS needs an Asian model!

So here are the three models:

Sui He
Photocredit: The Fashion Spot

Shu Pei Qin
Photocredit: The Fashion Spot

Liu Wen
Photocredit: The Fashion Spot

I think Sui He looks the best out of all of them in my personal opinion but then again I'm biased towards her lol

Whee so excited for Asian models! 

Are yall gonna watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? I am!

See yall later~


Pettit Mom said...

they are very gorgeous asian :-)

Marla Singer said...

loooove sui he <3



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