Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fail Glasses

So I bought a pair of glasses (paid $10 for thinner lenses because I was required to and paid $7 for shipping and got the glasses for free) and thought they would look good on me but the don't.

Note: I purchased this on my own. I was not sponsored by

Anyway, yea, I bought them from, and I have to say the quality of the glasses is great and the lenses are just fine. Even though they have a virtual-trying-on-glasses feature, it's still hard to determine what looks good on you. Based on the virtual picture, I looked decent in them, but when I got them in the mail and tried them on, they were just bigger than I imagined and look heavy on my face as you can see from the below photo. I am disappointed in my selection. Oh well, they were only about $17 total. Not too much damage to my wallet. I suppose I'll just wear this around the house. I'm wearing them as I type this up.


If yall are ok with selecting frames online, then definitely is good. They give you your first pair of glasses for free. My glasses in particular only costs $8 if I were to buy it myself instead of having it free so this website goes for pretty cheap, but they also have $20-40 glasses too.

Goodluck and if yall order a pair, let me know in the comments whether it worked out for you and link me to your blog post about it!

See yall later!

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