Friday, January 18, 2013


Decided to cam whore in my car before I back out of the driveway to go hang out with my friend

I of course rarely cam whore and post pictures of my face on my blog since I feel shy about camerawhoring so enjoy these once in a blue moon face shots of me xD I'll try to do them more often since what's a blog without the face of the blog owner?

 photo 20130118_153155watermark_zpsf86a0081.jpg

 photo 20130118_153211watermark_zpsad5bf7e0.jpg

 photo 20130118_153217watermark_zps6410ff87.jpg

 photo 20130118_153224watermark_zpsc16dcc03.jpg

 photo 20130118_153313watermark_zpsc7ef10c7.jpg

 photo 20130118_153323watermark_zpsa9f3edc6.jpg

 photo 20130118_153410watermark_zps945ee2e1.jpg

 photo 20130118_153417watermark_zps13de9334.jpg

 photo 20130118_153426watermark_zps823be129.jpg

 photo 20130118_153439watermark_zps7742112c.jpg

Anddd I got my ears double pierced! Exciting!
 photo 20130118_2129441_zps5c478788.jpg

That's all folks. See yall later!

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