Sunday, January 20, 2013

Clean Up Your Room, They Say

Non beauty post related.

Just a dumb short rant.

So basically I'm 22 and I'm living at home with my parents and they still treat me like I'm 10. I know, I know, their house, their rules. Kinda sucks. But my mom made an agreement with me that they'll treat me as if I'm in my apartment and not bother me about anything, but recently my dad has repeated to me several times to clean my room.

It's annoying because it's my damn room. It doesn't bother me that it's messy. My parents don't even come inside my room so why do they care if it's messy or not. I was told that it's because they care and love me that they want my room to be clean for my health sake, but badgering me about cleaning my room has only made me more miserable. I'm not a child! I want to clean my room as I see fit. And my room isn't even that messy. Yes you can still see the floor. It's just I have laundry lying around that I will put up literally after I write this post.

I wish I lived in my apartment again. Utter freedom. But even then when family came over to my apartment they yelled at me for having a dirty apartment. Mind your own business! This is my place; I'm not telling YOU how to live your life!

K, rant is over. Thank yall for listening

See yall later

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miemiemie said...

I felt the same way when i lived with my parents too! When i got my own apartment, i was soooo happy! nobody to nag me. hahaha. now that i'm living with my husband, my mom is like "do you clean your house often" "do you do this..?" and "do you do that...??" uggggggghhhhh its freaking me out


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