Friday, January 18, 2013

DailyLook PeterPan Collar Top

Hey yall

I bought a shirt from and thought to share it with yall. I've been DYINGGG to have a Peter Pan Collar top for a while now and I finally found one that's good! I got 20% off my first purchase so I had to buy it.

CLICK HERE to go to the link to buy this shirt

 photo 1_zpsee51e30d.jpg
This is what it looks like on the website

 photo 2_zps95dea58e.jpg
This is what it looks like in person. The color is much darker as you can tell.

 photo IMG_8236_zpsb02eb0d2.jpg

Not the best oufit I put together but I couldn't figure out what else to wear it with. I probably shouldn't have worn it with booties

Lets try another way to wear it instead xD black jeans:

 photo IMG_8240_zpsd036c43b.jpg

 photo IMG_8242_zpscb404d3e.jpg

I think that looks much better xD simple black pants

What are some suggestions yall would recommend me to wear with this shirt? I'm really not the most fashionable person ever xD I try to be but the stuff I wear comes out weird, like that first outfit photo

See yall later!


mandy said...

I love this shirt! I'd probably just wear it with black skinny jeans too. I think maybe no tights or lighter color tights would look better with the skirt?

Lyna Arlyna said...

Some form of necklace would glam this up almost immediately as its a plain top with a high collar.


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