Monday, January 7, 2013


I will probably get bashed for dieting because I'm already "light" weighing in at 108.5lbs, but I am weak and I can no longer fit into my slimmer clothes that I still have from last year and I want to get fit and lean.

I am even unable to jog a full mile because I am truly that weak right now. After staying home for half a year doing nothing, your body really starts to break down on you since you don't stay active. I literally just half a year ago was able to jog a mile straight, but now I can no longer do that. It's pretty sad.

So far what I've been doing is walking a mile each day and doing leg exercises. I use the hip adductor and hip abductor machines to work my inner and outer thighs, then use the leg press to do squat-like motions, even though doing real squats is better. It's just that I don't have a spotter to watch after me if I do squats with a weight bar.

So to make things simpler on the eyes, this is what I do right now to currently get back into being strong, but not quite yet fully dieting yet:

  • one mile on the treadmill 5x a week
  • hip adductor and abductor machine @ 22lbs to work inner and outer thighs every other day
  • leg press @ 85lbs every other day
  • stretch
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal in the morning
  • *I have yet to determine a routine for lunch and dinner as my mom cooks and I don't have a choice in what I'm eating*
My goal weight is 100lbs, but I know with working out you gain muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat, so I don't really expect myself to get to 100lbs necessarily,but I do want to lose weight enough where I can get a 24-25inch waist. I currently have a 27 inch waist and 35-36 inch hips. I want my hips to be about 34 inches. My ultimate goal is a 24 inch waist but I know that may not happen because my rib cage is pretty standard in terms of size and 24 inches may look too skinny for my frame. I just want abs though, but it will take a shit ton of work to get there. 

My current inspiration is RAEview. CLICK HERE for her youtube

She has a few diet videos up.

CLICK HERE for her diet routine. It's a pretty strict diet but eventually I want to go on it, sans the protein shake. I don't really think I would be needing that much protein but who knows, maybe I will once I get into working out more. 

What I'm currently doing in exercise is so light, anybody can do it. Goodluck to anybody working out trying to lose weight this year. Let me know in the comments some tips on how yall stay on a diet and exercise routine

See yall later!

2 bunnies:

BTS said...

hey there! "c/o" means "courtesy of" ;)

miemiemie said...

i feel the same way, when i say i need to lose weight and people would look at me and say that i am thin. i stand around 5'5-5'6 and i currently weigh 119lbs. My heaviest before was 109lbs and I never went back to that weight since i moved to the US. it sucks haha coz i'm used to being really skinny. we asians have petite frames and living in asia makes you think that thin is beautiful! anyway, i've been losing weight due to stress before my wedding and now that i moved in with the hubby, i've been eating non-stop! its a lot colder here too, i moved from socal to norcal and the weather isn't helping at all. all i wanna do is sleep and do nothing. that's why i'm trying to catch up with all the blogs and my fave series online. hahaha i'm such a pig i know.


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