Sunday, January 20, 2013

Female Friends. What are they anyway

I for some reason don't really have a lot of female friends. I don't know what it is about me that makes them go away. The guys seem to not have a problem with me though, but based upon what my guyfriend said, he said most guys are chill and don't care too much about the bad things and focus moreso on the good of the person.

I know I'm a debbie downer and a complainer, but that can't possibly be the reason why females reject me. I had a friend from school who would constantly complain 24/7 about everything from something serious to something petty and yet our friends would accept her and cherish her as a friend and help her out. But the moment *I* open MY mouth, they reject me and tell me I'm overreacting and they give me the cold shoulder. What gives?

Maybe I'm just not fun enough. I mean I honestly do just sit there and listen to other people, staying shy and quiet, rather than loud and fun. But that's just how I am. Plus I have anxiety so that doesn't help me in social settings, and that's something people can't understand unless they clinically have that disorder. I've told my school female friends my disorder before and they tell me it's just me overreacting and me worrying too much about nothing. They just don't get it. They just don't understand that being clinically anxious is totally different from "worrying too much". Whereas when I told my guyfriends, they took my disorder seriously and cared about my wellbeing like a real friend would.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong for females to stay away from me and reject me. I won't ever understand. And it's even harder right now for me to make friends because I don't have a real job nor do I go to school in order to be able to socialize.

And once I move out into a new city hopefully next year, I'm pretty sure I really won't have any friends left which will suck.

Alright enough ranting.

See yall later

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mandy said...

I'm the quiet type too! But I seem to have the opposite problem (sort of). I only have 3 close friends (females) and almost no male friends...
Maybe there's just too much drama with other girls? :P At least you have what seems like really awesome male friends to be there for you!

miemiemie said...

Aww don't think that way dear. I have a lot of acquaintances but when we're talking about "real friends" that are women, i only have a few. we're talking like two here. I don't mind. I'd rather have few people whom i really trust than have a hell lot of friends who don't give a shit about you. I recently found out who my friends were when I got married. those seemingly good friends who are there when they need you didn't even bother to talk or even congratulate me on my wedding. I'm not seeking for attention, but you know what i mean, i expected them to be happy for me to say the least. but that's how it goes. you go through shit in life, that's when you really find who your friends are. friends are supposed to be there during happy and unhappy times. i feel like guy friends are easier to get along with too. female friends have too much drama and issues! i'm sick of all that. its always best to keep a few true friends. you always have your blogger friends to rant to. don't mind those mindless female so-called friends you have. they're either losers or their just jealous.

heyhanee247 said...

I can totally relate with you.I was then shy and quiet all the time with my same age/younger friends. But I found new friends older than my age.They are more mature and pretty much open minded. With them I can truly be myself. Your male friends are really nice :)


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