Thursday, January 17, 2013

Second Gmarket Haul

Hey yall!

This is my second Gmarket Haul that I got last year that I wanted to share with yall and review it.

Here it goes! :

My Body Stats for reference:

  • 32B
  • 108.5lbs
  • 5'1
  • 27 inch waist
  • 35 inch hips


  • True to picture (purchased the black tube top)
  • Only comes in one size
  • Put this in the washing machine and it shrunk. I can still fit it though. I'm not sure what to wear this with yet


  • True to picture (purchased the black skirt)
  • Good quality
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Alittle bit short, but still wearable
  • Has a schoolgirl feel to it


  • True to picture (purchased the black jeans)
  • Bought it in size 27 for my 27 inch waist. True to size
  • Fabric feels a little cheap and stiff
  • Fits very tight and slim on the legs. No loose fabric around the ankle area like other skinny jeans


  • True to picture
  • Basic sweater ribbed fabric
  • Hits mid-thigh length for me


  • True to photo (purchased it in black, not blue)
  • Basic ribbed sweater fabric
  • Thin, not thick, so don't expect this to keep you that warm


  • True to picture (purchased the pink button down top)
  • A little sheer but can be worn with a nude bra just fine
  • If I bend over you will see my back/stomach so this is a short shirt, not long
  • One size I believe
  • Fits my body snugly


  • True to picture (purchased the skirt)
  • A bit too tight on me. I need to lose weight and I'll be able to fit it better. I can still fit it now but my big hips make it a tight fit
  • hits a little bit above mid thigh
  • Purchased size medium/size 66


  • True to picture (purchased the dress)
  • Yall are probably familiar with this dress as it was used in my Graduation Photos post
  • Very good chiffon fabric--not flimsy like's stuff
  • Has lining underneath


  • True to picture (purchased skirt)
  • This was an utter fail for me. I couldnt even put on the skirt because it was too tight. It was one size only I think
  • There is NO ZIPPER for you to put these on! You only use the buttons at the side
  • Super short up to your butt
  • Bad quality fabric that ripped when I tried putting it on
Hope this helps! Hope yall liked this post :) I noticed there were many views for my first Gmarket Haul so I thought to do a second one soon.

See yall later!

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