Monday, January 14, 2013

Michael Kors Heels Returned

So I bought these Michael Kors heels from Ross on sale for $55.99 instead of paying the already discounted price of $80, but these were too uncomfortable to wear once I tried them on at home so I had to return them. Plus I wouldn't know where to wear these since I don't go out much. But I took pictures and thought to share with y'all them.



What a shame right? They were pretty nice looking. It's okay though. I have way too many shoes that I don't even use. One pair of boots I have I haven't even used yet because when I bought it online, it looked nice, but once I got it in person it looked kinda much and gaudy. Maybe its just me. Maybe it actually does look good. Who knows. It's a Liz Lisa pair of thigh high boots. I'll post it sometime later

Anyway, I'll see yall later

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mandy said...

Too bad those weren't comfy, they do look very nice :D


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