Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bought Oxfords/Brogues-esque Shoes and Zara Shorts

As the title says, and in my last post, I bought shoes that are kind of oxford/brogue-esque along with some black side-lace up Zara shorts.

The shoes are buttery soft since they're real leather. Bought them on sale for $75 when they were originally $130. Pretty good deal even though they are still expensive. But I foresee myself using them to death so I think the price is worth it. I remember buying Sperry's long time ago worrying whether I'd wear them or not to get my money's worth since they were $70 but I've worn them too many times I've really gotten my money's worth lol. So same will go for these shoes.

Here are some pictures:

 photo 20130206_152520_zps93e15e15.jpg

 photo 20130206_152549_zpseca91cd2.jpg
Pretty nice right? :)

 photo 20130206_152717_zps0103a1d9.jpg
I love the lace-up detailing on the sides with the gold accents. Black and gold look good together. I'll see what I'll wear with these shorts.....

That's all! See yall later!

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mandy said...

Ooh I really like the look of both of these! I bought faux leather oxfords by Steve Madden and they aren't very comfortable :X Makes me want to get new pair even though that one is practically new *sigh*


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