Thursday, February 28, 2013

Camera Whoring 2

I'm about to go to my Psych Dr appt and then go to a Laser hair removal session for my upper lip and legs.

So I decided to put on some makeup for fun and what not and take some pictures while I'm at it. So thus, another camera whoring session. yay! always fun.

 photo 20130228_103531watermark_zpsdfc5fe9e.jpg

 photo 20130228_103603watermark_zpsb7d66b1d.jpg

 photo 20130228_103611watermark_zps130d165c.jpg

 photo 20130228_103627watermark_zps3065f723.jpg

 photo 20130228_103645watermark_zpsa45df698.jpg

 photo 20130228_103652watermark_zpsb0c9371f.jpg

I'm thinking about updating my facebook profile picture and using one of these pictures but I really like my current profile picture since it's probably the most flattering picture of me so far xD Dunno if these pictures are as good. I was thinking of the first picture in this batch of pictures to use.

Anyhoodle I gotta get going to my dr appt. See yall later!


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The fifth one would be my first choice for a profile picture, but the first and third are also super cute!

miemiemie said...

I like the last one too :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty top! And thank you for the congrats. Feels a bit strange to be back in a relationship, but I guess it takes a little of getting used to.


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