Monday, February 4, 2013

Dollywink Eyeliner New Packaging

So I was taken by surprise by the new packaging that Dollywink has done to their eyeliner. Instead of polka dots it is now little flowers running across the pen. At first I thought it was fake until I went on Amazon to verify that it is indeed just new packaging. So I ordered mine off of Ebay and it arrived pretty quickly and on time.

Something I noticed was that the formula is longer lasting. I tried to take it off using my DHC Oil Cleanser but it barely budged. I had to use my nails to scrape it off--yikes! I like long lasting eyeliners but I think this might be too much. We'll see. Hopefully my trusty Neutrogena-dupe Oil Eye Makeup Remover will do the trick, otherwise I'll be stuck with eyeliner forever lol. And I don't want to scrub my eyes to get it off otherwise I'll lose eyelashes and create premature wrinkles.

Anyway, enough chit chat. Here are the pictures of the new Dollywink Eyeliner:

 photo IMG_8264_zps93c864e1.jpg

 photo IMG_8265_zpsdcc9b5a3.jpg

 photo IMG_8266_zps58c292f8.jpg

Have yall tried the new Dollywink eyeliner yet? What do yall think of it?

See yall later!


miemiemie said...

You won't need to remove your makeup then! Haha. maybe you should use an oil based makeup remover. I use the neutrogena one and it removes waterproof makeup. The most difficult to remove for me was the majolica majorca takes a bit of time before the neutrogena removes it.. what i do is hold the cotton pad against my eye for like 10-15 seconds and lightly rub it around my eye.

mandy said...

I've noticed the change in packaging too! I think I prefer the polka dots more. The flowers look a bit tacky :X

IchigoBunnie said...

miemiemie: I do have an oil based eye makeup remover but I haven't tested it out yet on this eyeliner lol. I was thinking of buying that Majolica Majorca mascara, but I'm hesitant for that reason that it's hard to remove. But I've just heard rave reviews about it so I might just dip in and get it!

mandy: yea I agree, the flowers look tacky. I like the polka dots better!

Lisa said...

Aww. I'm going to miss the old packaging. I prefer the polka dots, but it's good to hear that its longer lasting! I ran out of my old one. So I might get another one to try.


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