Saturday, February 16, 2013

H&M Purchases and My Instagram

Hey yall!

Thought to share with yall my Instagram <~click

I only have 47 pictures on there and do boring picture updates but I thought I'd share my instagram anyway lol. I was hesitant for a while to share my Instagram because it's my name on there for one and second it's my personal life as well. I won't post too personal of pictures though. And I wish I could post more pictures of my face but I hardly ever put on makeup to make things exciting .__. Oh well. If you follow me I hope my pictures are interesting enough for you xD

Next topic is my H&M purchases. I just went to Atlanta to visit my bf (yes I'm in a long distance relationship and yes it DOES WORK lol) and I went to Atlantic Station in downtown Atlanta to go shopping at H&M and bought 3 things.

First up is a partial-leather dress. The black part of course is the faux leather and then you have the white fabric. I think it looks pretty darn cool. It was $50 though. Ouch to my wallet but I had to have it.

 photo 20130215_152010watermark_zps8f949ba4.jpg

Please excuse my ridiculous facial expression. I was concentrating taking the picture

And the picture below. I bought the shirt for $7.xx and the skirt for $5.xx . Pretty good deal :) Simple outfit really

 photo 20130215_152430watermark_zps00bb0d11.jpg

Btw I'm not wearing any makeup which is why you can probably see the zit dot on my chin and some acne scars. I'm trying to not wear makeup as often so my skin can heal.

I'm trying out Mario Badescu Whitening mask to lighten my scars. So far I can't tell too much of a difference. However I do see a subtle difference so maybe it's working? Who knows. But I will continue using it to see if it works. My mom threw away the receipt so I cannot return it if it doesn't work. I appreciate my mom cleaning part of my room but it's also frustrating because she tends to throw away important things without consulting me first whether it's throw-away-able. Oh well I can't reverse it now since it's already gone and overwith.

Hope yall are having a good day! I'm about to go to work! See yall later


mandy said...

What a steal for $5.xx!
The dress looks great :]

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had instagram! Will follow! And that dress is GORGEOUS and it looks amazing on you. I love it!!

InsideOut Elle said...

I really like your purchases - especially that dress! That lace top was definitely a steal too, I love the look!


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