Monday, February 4, 2013 Inspired Outfit

Soooo I absolutely LOVE Those two girls really know how to make a black and white outfit work. It's amazing.

So I saw an old post from a while back of Dawn's outfit from their blog and recreated it to look identical as much as possible, but of course I don't have her shoes nor socks so I did what I could.

CLICK HERE for the original version that Dawn is wearing. And then look below to see my recreation of it. I guess I didn't do that bad of a job :D hehe. Thank you Dawn for the inspiration!

So here's my version. Definitely not as classy as Dawn's but I tried my best :)

 photo 1_zps6aebb3b3.jpg

 photo 2_zps710ae2b5.jpg

 photo 20130204_135611_zpsc7185203.jpg

Top: Target (years ago)
Skirt: Forever21 (years ago)
Lace Bralette: Urban Outfitters (last year)
Shoes: Payless Shoes (few years ago)

I was just playing around with my clothes. I'm not actually going out in these. Too bad I don't have anywhere to go though :( lol It's alright.

See yall later!

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bianca f said...

lovely outift :)



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