Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Purchases!

If you follow my Instagram, then this post is no news to you. I posted everything on my instagram and I'm just reposting here for those who don't have instagrams or don't want to follow me lol.

 photo 20130217_184343watermark_zps18a49bbd.jpg
Top: Forever21 $19.xx size Small
Skirt: Guess $17.xx size Small

 photo 20130217_175932watermark_zpsb512eca4.jpg
Closer look at the shirt from the previous photo

 photo 20130217_214614watermark_zps42167f12.jpg
Ankle boots: Brand is Rampage bought from Macy's. Last one in my size! sweet. $48.xx size 6.5

 photo 20130217_175436watermark_zpsb3a3c5cd.jpg
Also last one in my size. I don't know if this was a good purchase but I seemed to be drawn to it because of youtuber ClothesEncounters. This was on sale for $9.99! size 6.5

 photo 20130219_111214watermark_zps73e90a38.jpg
Burgundy skirt: Guess $13.xx size Small

 photo 20130219_111115watermark_zpsb4873cd5.jpg
Steel Gray Riding Skirt: American Apparel $42.xx size Medium

Yup I bought way too much stuff >.> I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban! I think after this purchase right here I'll be on my official shopping ban. I can't have anymore stuff T.T I need to save a couple thousand bucks.

Alright I'll see yall later!


Mindy Fan said...

I love those skirts you purchased! I am suppose to be on a shopping ban too, but it's so hard! I need money for college haha!

I Follow you now by the way!
If you have time could you check out/ follow my blog too?

Joyce said...

The red skirt is really cute! :)

Joyce @carouselstreet.com


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