Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Went and bought that white top with the gold detailing at the collar along with the peplum black skirt. Thought it looked nice. I was looking for something a little form fitting for the skirt so this was great with the addition of the peplum top portion. And I just love the gold edge detailing on the collar. Adds a nice touch to a basic top.

 photo 1_zps5f66e308.jpg

 photo 20130205_110832_zps6aad6bf6.jpg

That's all. See yall later~


miemiemie said...

That's a cute combo. I don't have any peplum styled clothing. I've been wondering how it would look on me..but i'm avoiding shopping lately.

mandy said...

I've been looking for a blouse like that! They're getting harder and harder to find in a store (and of course isn't way out of my budget).

EMILLANA said...

Oh great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the peplum style but it doesn't work for my figure =(


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